Kate and Brian

Over Labor day weekend I photographed the wedding of Kate and Brian. If I was to summarize their wedding in one word it would be FUN.  I feel that there are so many sources today that tell us what a wedding has to look like, what it has to have, what conventions it must follow, and I imagine it almost takes a lot of the fun out of planning a wedding trying to keep up. Kate and Brian decided to plan a wedding around what they wanted, and they succeeded.  Their day was one with games and music,  dancing and delicious food, family and friends. Oh, and a moon bounce.

Brian and Kate — thanks for letting me be a part of your day!

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4 Responses to Kate and Brian

  1. Susannah says:

    love ’em, girl. you’re so talented

  2. Tammy Aegerter says:

    Thank you for capturing my little girl’s and new son-in-law’s day in pictures. Wow, the pictures were so beautiful they spoke.

    (Katie’s mom)

  3. Marilyne says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL and the wedding looked amazing!! Hannah can you ask your friend to be my wedding planner??? haha 🙂

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