Nathan and Emily: The wedding

A couple months ago I put up Nathan and Emily’s engagement photos and I went up to Michigan in the beginning of October to photograph their wedding. There is nothing so beautiful as fall in Michigan. Their wedding fell on the first really cold weekend of the year, and despite terrible freezing rains the day before, the wedding day ended up being beautiful and we got to enjoy the colors of the season. Emily, who coordinates events for Hillsdale College, planned a wedding with lots of perfect, lovely details.

Many people swear by the “first look,” that of having a special moment between the bride and groom before the ceremony and thus getting all the photos done before hand. When Nathan and Emily talked to me about it, I was honest. Yes, it makes your day easier, and gives you really great pictures . . . and no, I wouldn’t want one myself. Because the day isn’t ultimately about the ease of getting pictures. It is about the ceremony, the moment where you actually get married, and part of that magic comes (in my opinion) from seeing your beloved’s face down a long aisle, surrounded by all the ones who have loved you and helped you get to that place. And these are their best smiles of the day. This precious ring bearer decided to join in and help the photographing process. Nathan and Emily’s early morning wedding meant a delicious lunch reception. Every guest was encouraged to visit the cookie bar, supplied with homemade treats from family and friends, and fill these adorable bags to take home.
Nathan and Emily are both talented musicians, so the music really defined the atmosphere of the day, from the ensemble and organ at the ceremony, to the men’s serenade at the reception. This is my favorite picture of the day. No, it isn’t actually a good picture from a technical standpoint as I snapped it quickly at the end. But you will notice that the room is empty behind them and the waiters are starting to clean up. I just love that these two just can’t leave without one last wedding dance, even though no one is watching. 

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5 Responses to Nathan and Emily: The wedding

  1. Rachel says:

    Amazing pics, Hannah! I love the one where they’re kissing outside the church and some of the bubbles have motion blur. So good!

  2. beautiful 🙂

    One of my favorite parts of this series is the autumn wind– it keeps poofing Emily’s (awesomely long) veil out all over the place. I love the motion it adds even to “posed” shots!

  3. ruralmomof3 says:

    Nathan and Emily have excellent taste in photographers! Thanks for sharing these on your blog! You are beautifully talented and have an eye for beauty in the simple moments. – Nathan’s Aunt Amanda

  4. Hannah you really captured this day beautifully! I feel excited for Emily and Nathan all over again. Excellent job.

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