Scott and Emily

Though I have yet to be a bride on my own wedding day, I can still verify that Emily was not the typical bride. Instead of getting up early to do her nails and hair, she completed and mailed her taxes and then sat on the porch chatting with out-of-town friends. Scott likewise spent the morning doing non-groom things. He mowed three lawns for other people before solving some suit issues among the groomsmen and then heading over to the church.

Why do I share this? Because it was a nice reminder to myself that the wedding is something that happens in the middle of ordinary life. It changes everything, but as long as you are marrying the right person, it will be wonderful. And after spending the day with Scott and Emily, I’m pretty sure they are each marrying the right person.

After the reception, Emily wanted to take the metro into the city for some photos on Capital Hill. Not only did this lead to some great photos, it also meant their friends and family were able to see some of the monuments. And because a huge storm front was moving in, there were very few tourists loitering around the Capital and inserting themselves in our photos. 
And how (I imagine) every bride feels at the end of her wedding: thrilled to be married to the man that she loves, full of the joy of such a wonderful day, and so relieved to be done with wedding planning!

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4 Responses to Scott and Emily

  1. Gillian says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I hope that whenever I get married I won’t have to do any taxes (ick!) but I hope I’ll remember to stay so grounded and down-to-earth 🙂

  2. E. Henry says:

    Just glanced over this again. Makes me smile. Thanks for such memorable pictures and for such a lovely blog post. It is touching. Thank you. 😀

  3. E.H says:

    Reminiscing again. ❤

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