Gen and Kevin got married!

Remember my second family, the ones that I went to Arizona with last spring? Remember when Gen and Kevin got engaged and it was pretty much the most beautiful thing ever?

Well a couple weeks ago they got married, and it WAS the most beautiful thing ever.

The wedding was in northern Michigan, and Gen and Kevin did a fantastic job crafting a wedding that was aesthetically perfect, but also one of the happiest, most hospitable weddings I have ever attended. I was just a guest, not the photographer, so I was able to party with some of my favorite people, but I couldn’t resist taking some photos of the day and sharing them.

First, THIS DRESS. Technically, she bought it. But then it was significantly altered, including that crazy train and the lace, added from her mother’s gown.For some people, DIY wedding means mason jars and burlap. For Gen it meant blinging out her shoes and adding those huge bows.  Gen wanted her look to be old Hollywood-esque, and I am pretty sure that she is the only person on the planet who can really pull that off, but there is no doubt that she did!Somebody wants to pin that hair onto a board with a witty title. Ok, so the wedding was already perfect and then I saw these flower girls FLOWER FAIRIES! BE STILL MY HEART. To get the real party started, the bridal party performed a special number. (I know, it really was the most fun wedding ever. I might have called James and tried to convince him that we need everybody to come in early for Dance Boot Camp.)
A perfect end to a perfect day. Kevin and Gen — I am so happy for you two to start your life together!!!!

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