Liz got married!

This past weekend my wonderful former roomie Liz got married and it was just the best. The wedding was Friday, and on Saturday I tried to take a nap but I just kept on thinking about how great it was and couldn’t sleep. I am almost as excited to see the pictures that I know her awesome photographer took as I was to see my own wedding photos because it was too perfect. Here are a couple snapshots and a list of things I loved about it, because I love a good list almost as much as a good wedding.


9. These flowers. I was the “coordinator of reception awesomeness,” which meant overseeing set up and take down. My job was made much easier because Liz might have been the most organized bride ever ,and had meticulously labeled and inventoried the boxes of decorations. I didn’t actually make the flower arrangements but in cleaning up, I did help lots of them find their way to my home and I have been living in a floral paradise this weekend. It. Is. Glorious.

Liz'swedding_38. Hymns. Liz and Homère planned a lovely ceremony that included some old hymns that don’t see the light of day much but are so lovely. Strangely, everyone seemed to know all the words and people belted them out in truly impressive fashion.

Liz'swedding_47. Her dress. People, it was perfect and these pictures just don’t even do it justice. She basically floated in a cloud of tulle throughout the whole day and was breathtakingly beautiful. I mean, every bride looks great… but some may just look a little greater than others, and Liz was one of those.

receptionhall6. That reception hall. Ok, so maybe this is tooting my own horn a little since I was part of the set up, but it really did look amazing because Liz had such a cohesive vision for the day. I think everyone also appreciated that it was inside, as DC had horrible rains and flash flooding all day on Friday.


5. Those gold leaves. I love them so much that I maybe considered spray painting the scraggly bushes in front of my apartment.

Liz'swedding_134. Homemade apple butter favors. Need I say more?

3. Party time. I have been to a lot of weddings in the past six weeks, but this was the first in a while where I haven’t been photographing it, which meant that I broke it down on that dance floor. I like to think that I looked awesome, but really I just looked like I was having a seizure to music. Sometimes I just try to move as much of my body as fast as possible, and I probably took a couple people down in the process.

2. Said dance explosion had glow sticks.

Liz'swedding_141. This couple. There is no greater joy than to see two people so in love, and professing that love in the form of a lifelong commitment before God and man. It is just my favorite thing.

Liz'swedding_15Congratulations to Liz and Homère!

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4 Responses to Liz got married!

  1. Thank you for managing the awesomeness. You succeeded.

  2. Owen Francis says:

    Homere, as you are well aware I (uncle Owen ) and my family was at your wedding and I was very happy and proud to be present at my nephew’s special day. Apart from the heavy rains and thunder storms (which is by the way a form of blessings) your special day was splendid, spectacular, elegant and I am sure many of your guests were spellbound. Twenty four years ago I married my princess (my Ruby) and your wedding brought back many great memories. It was AWESOME. God Bless you and Liz and remember always stand my your wives side, likewise Liz stand by your husband’s side in all respect. 🙂

  3. Liz says:

    so so grateful for your big contributions, Hannah, even though I am just now commenting! Can you send me all your pictures at some point? xoxo

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