Nic & Susannah

From a torrential downpour in the middle of their summer engagement shoot, to driving snow in the middle of their wedding, from a commitment to love, to starting a life together as man and wife. Congratulations Nic and Susannah!Kipkewedding-206Kipkewedding-472Kipkewedding-1Kipkewedding-12 Kipkewedding-18 Kipkewedding-22 Kipkewedding-30bouquetSusannah Susannah2NicandSusannah2NicandSusannahNicandSusannah3 NicandSusannah4 Kipkewedding-295 Kipkewedding-300Kipkewedding-421 Kipkewedding-430brunchreceptionKipkewedding-453NicandSusannah5

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8 Responses to Nic & Susannah

  1. I love wedding photos. The one on the couch is my fave. It’s so sweet and lighting is beautiful.

  2. So beautiful. It looks like it was a brunch reception – what time was the wedding ceremony? (great idea by the way!)

    • Hannah says:

      It was! The ceremony was at 10, so the brunch started around noon. This is the second brunch wedding I have done in the past year and I love them! But then again, I also just love brunch ALL THE TIME. I think in this case it was partially because the bride wanted to feel free from a lot of the common reception traditions that she wasn’t crazy about.

  3. I love the brunch with the mimosas and bloody marys- I hope you got to indulge in one!

  4. Nicole says:

    Gorgeous pics and I love the church…where is it??

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