Jackie & David

When you are a family, it’s important to have house rules, things that you do and that you do not do. For instance, James and I decided after multiple meals of paying way too much for way too little food that we do not do tapas. We do our own version of the rules to a couple card games. We do not do weekend activities before noon. We do brunch… after noon. We do not do workouts together.

And, after 2013, we do not do holiday weddings. In 2013, we went to weddings two days after Thanksgiving and two days after Christmas. We loved these friends and I absolutely would not have wanted to miss their marriages for anything, but it did prompt us to make another house rule: no holiday weddings. When you add weddings to an already complicated calculus of splitting time between families, we are stretched too thin to give quality time to anyone.

Though I love our calmer holidays as a result, I was so sad that it  meant missing Jackie and David’s wedding. Jackie was a really special friend during the months that James was gone and I loved hearing about her love story with her Scot. Their engagement photos last September are some of my favorites and I knew her New Year’s Eve wedding would be so much fun. Which is why I was thrilled when Jackie took me up on my offer for a post-wedding shoot in DC, the city where she and David met, and the city that she left a couple weeks ago when she followed her new husband to their new home in Scotland. She already had amazing photos from her wedding day from Sally O’Donnell photography… but who doesn’t want to wear their dress again and wander through some of DC’s best spots? No one, that’s who. Jackie and David, thanks for sharing one of your last stateside days with me!

JDkerr Kerrportraits-8 Kerrportraits-10 JDkerr3Kerrportraits-15 Kerrportraits-18 JDkerr2 Kerrportraits-39 Kerrportraits-53 JDkerr4 Kerrportraits-63 Kerrportraits-77 Kerrportraits-78 Kerrportraits-84 Kerrportraits-89 Kerrportraits-97 Kerrportraits-103 JDKerr5 Kerrportraits-114 Kerrportraits-121 Kerrportraits-123 JDKerr6 Kerrportraits-136 Kerrportraits-139Locations:  Union Station // The National Gallery of Art, wherein we were welcomed by the most enthusiasm I have ever encountered while shooting. Seriously – almost every guard and docent had a suggestion or congratulations. One even threw everyone out of a room so that we could shoot without tourists in the frame. Basically it was a party.

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14 Responses to Jackie & David

  1. Kate Zickel says:

    I absolutely love that dress! What a fun idea to do a second shoot. I would love to do something like this.

  2. Linda Crites says:

    I was lucky enough to be at Jackie and David’s wedding and the photographer there certainly captured the spirit of the event at the time. However, these pictures are my favorites – just the two of them and a certain serenity.

  3. Em says:

    These photos have such a sweet ease and effortlessness about them–truly magnificent shooting, Hannah. I don’t often get choked up looking at photos of strangers but you got me this morning. Also, that dress is unbelievable.

  4. Natalie says:

    Hannah, these photos are absolutely stunning! They look an ad for some expensive perfume or clothes designer- straight out of a magazine. Simply gorgeous.

  5. Kristin says:

    These are so beautiful they made my heart ache!! Blessings to all!!

  6. streckerme says:

    the art ones brought tears to my eyes. especially the dancing ones. wow.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful couple in beautiful photos. Well done!

  8. ashleykiker says:

    Degas = fave. These pics = FAVE.

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  10. Katy says:

    What a small world: the groom and I have mutual friends and we all went to the pub once in Glasgow, after which he gave me a lift to the station. He’s a lovely chap. Your photos of them both are gorgeous.

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