Mary Neven & Lee

marshcollage Marshwedding-24 Marshwedding-35 Marshwedding-38 Marshwedding-43 Marshwedding-54 Marshwedding-61 Marshwedding-65 Marshwedding-83 Marshwedding-86 Marshwedding-92 Marshwedding-145 Marshwedding-155 Marshwedding-175 Marshwedding-177 Marshwedding-183 Marshwedding-191 Marshwedding-195 Marshwedding-239 Marshwedding-244 Marshcollage2 Marshwedding-296 Marshwedding-304 Marshwedding-309 Marshwedding-355 Marshwedding-357 Marshwedding-360 Marshwedding-402 Marshwedding-409 Marshwedding-417 Marshwedding-419 Marshwedding-424 Marshwedding-441 Marshwedding-433 Marshcollage3 Marshwedding-531 Marshwedding-536 Marshwedding-594 Marshwedding-547 Marshwedding-565 Marshwedding-595 Marshwedding-600 Marshwedding-613 Marshwedding-630 Marshwedding-623Congratulations Mary Neven and Lee!

PS: Yes, the wedding party did make a donut run in the middle of the wedding day, and yes, it was a VERY GOOD IDEA. Take note all ye brides to be… the way to make the “best day of your life” THE best day of your life might just be a pile of donuts in the middle of wedding photos.

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7 Responses to Mary Neven & Lee

  1. Kate Zickel says:

    I love how she NEVER stopped smiling. Definitely the best day ever

  2. Nicole says:

    Oh, these are so good. I am so happy I got to see these since we were really bummed not to be able to be there. Can’t get over all the amazing Michigan blueberry-ness! (And def the donuts).

  3. WHERE WAS THIS WEDDING?! Sweetwaters is just down the road from me?! Amazing shots πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

  4. JC says:

    The day was captured beautifully πŸ˜‰ I love the one with the little girl observing the dance floor…
    Blessings to the happy couple πŸ™‚

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