Emily & Nick

Frase1Frasewedding-11Frasewedding-25Frasewedding-30Frasewedding-35Frase2Frasewedding-49Frase3Frasewedding-219Frasewedding-223Frasewedding-224Frasewedding-233Frase4Frasewedding-264Frasewedding-283Frasewedding-284Frasewedding-286Frasewedding-310Frasewedding-346Frasewedding-371Frasewedding-380Frasewedding-400Frasewedding-414Frasewedding-464Frasewedding-474Frasewedding-488PS: Nick and Emily’s engagement photos here.

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3 Responses to Emily & Nick

  1. THOSE SHOES!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. E.H says:

    She looks like she was a very fun and happy bride! 🙂 Lovely pictures, as always, Miss Hannah!

  3. al stone says:

    What do you serve for “punch” at those weddings? FUN TIMES– Have you seen Garrison Kelleor (sp) on my facebook re Methodist

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