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I am not LinkedIn and I still maintain that Four Square is a game played during recess.

I deleted my Twitter account after only tweeting a couple times in three years. I just felt bad every time someone started “following me” because I knew that I would lead them nowhere.

Which is to say that I have a very unexciting cyber footprint.

But I do like to share pictures of my feet and stuff so you can find me on Instagram at hannahkatherinew.

For any other questions, or to request use of any photos or content on this blog, please email me at

19 Responses to Contact

  1. Camila says:

    Hello Hanna,
    I found your blog by accident on facebook. Honestly, I never ever read people’s blogs but yours is so special that it not only caught my attention, but made me read it, and even comment on it. This is a wonderful blog! You are sooo creative. I love the way you transform simple and ordinary events into interesting ones, like telling a story. You have so much energy, and passion, and so much talent too. Wish you the best in your future posts and I look forward to keep reading. Oh, and I forgot, the pictures are awesome too!!!

  2. Hannah, are you coming too Filter Coffee House this saturday too to talk about I LOVE DC see

  3. Happy Wanderer says:

    Greetings Hannah!
    Congratulations on your First Wedding Anniversary. It’s wonderful to see you happy. Sadly for me, I missed that “boat”.

    There may be surprises coming your way in future – on your spiritual journey. You may find yourself confronted with challenges as did my other “soul half”, to whom I was led and found. In my book: Journey to My Other Soul Half (Illustrated), I proved conclusively – the lady in question is indeed my soul mate. However, immediately after I revealed the same – under compulsion, she withdrew into denial and from my life abruptly, which in turn totally devastated and changed my life forever. Consequently, five years after the fact, I find myself still grieving and in a “check mate” position. The same could happen to another.

    To put it into perspective: should your spouse not be your soul mate, it may be destined for your true soul half to be led to you for the purpose only time will tell. Like my ‘other’ half soul, you appear to be religiously indoctrinated, which impedes revelation of the soul’s quality, identity and spiritual advancement. Religious indoctrination caused my other soul half to reject my findings and it could happen to you also. If so, would you be kind to the man and not treat him as I was treated?

    As an ex Christian, I am conversant with the Scriptures, which offer wisdom, albeit buried under orthodoxy. There is evidence of soul mate-ship in Scripture – e.g. Mary and Joseph; Ruth and Boaz. No coincidence my other soul half’s second given name is Ruth!

    Rejection of knowledge concerning one’s spirituality, which differs considerably to religious dogma, has consequences. It is likened to a student who rejects certain knowledge on the basis of his/her external influences, hence fails the exams and must repeat the year. Similarly, when one fails to learn life’s lesson, a life must be repeated (born again?) time and again, until that lesson is learnt and is thus able to continue its course, whether it be in secular education or the spiritual path back to the Creator of All (God).

    In the case of Ruth, it’s obvious she was set aside for Special Service. Her spiritual path was to meet her other soul half. Along the way, her first spouse (not husband) was a stepping stone, but her womb was preserved – she was barren. When the two half souls were re-united, she conceived and brought forth the destined child. In time David was born – destined to become King.

    My other soul half too, is barren. I’m privy to her soul-record (book of life), which revealed that in her prior lives she was barren. Obviously, she did not learn the lessons she needed to learn. Once again, religion is the barrier to (her) spiritual advancement and the delay of our Destiny.

    No doubt questions have risen in your (and readers’) mind. Feel free to contact me at email for assistance and/or moral support if needed.

    Best wishes,
    Wanderer. Q.b.E.

  4. Jamie Floyd says:

    Hi! We love your blog and are headed to DC for a visit. Would you be so kind as to recommended some restaurants for our stay in your city?
    Thanks so much,

  5. Haylie says:

    Hey Hannah! I just wanted to let you know I included a link to your post from yesterday on my blog today, because I loved what you said about Valentine’s Day. I totally love your blog!! 😀 It makes me want to visit DC and find all the fabulous brunch places you mention. I’m new to blogging, and really have no idea of blog-etiquette (is there such a thing???), so I just thought I’d let you know. 🙂 Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Rick Blaine says:

    Hello, Hannah! Mike Morrell asked me to contact you because he really appreciates your blog and thinks you’d be an excellent candidate for his Speakeasy Blogger Network. Do you like to review off-the-beaten path faith, spirituality, and culture books? Speakeasy puts interesting books in your hands at no charge to you. You only get books when you request them, and it’s free to join. Sign up here, if you’d like:

  7. Katy says:

    Do you have a website for your photography business? I have been a follower of your blog for some time and love your work? My husband and I are looking for someone to do a short session for christmas cards….do you have a website with pricing, packages, etc?

  8. Madeline says:

    Hi Hannah!

    I am a huge fan of your blog and enjoy reading your posts and admiring your beautiful photos (especially the brunch photoshoots!)

    I know you’ve mentioned many DC recommendations, so I was just wondering what you would suggest for a couple visiting for the very first time? My boyfriend and I are staying with a friend who has lived in the area for several years, but since you’re a bit of an expert, just thought I’d ask!

    Keep up all of your hard work! Just know you have a readership that appreciates your craft and your wit! (Usually envying your doughnut (donut?)-making abilities!)



  9. Peggy carlson says:

    Reading the blog on marriage and what to expect… I found that I didn’t know to watch the family signs of relating to each other. How does mom n dad relate … Is one the authority and the other the stuffer? By that I mean ‘its my way you will do it as I say’ or a manipulative passive aggressive play out… I grew up with both so when I got married it was chiseled into my Dan this was ok. I saw thru my in laws a play out of this very destructively working on all family members but a whole different to church and community. My family va their family and not a good outcome in relationships. Resentment and unanswered expectations with no verbal communication skills led to the death of my marriage.
    I hope to have another love in my life but will have to have both of us on the same page for it. I believe each has to know Jesus as personal Savior and a working to increase each other’s walk with him. Then laughter, PDA, respect and honoring, communication, releasing expectations to real living, being ok to get mad and pissy at each other without believing it’s a gone to hell in the belief window Baggie, making up is funner….
    With kids they need to see it all… Then the making up part with prayer and hearing you ask the other to forgive you. Finances … It’s a both together earn for the home but each has enough to enjoy ‘ my kind of thing’ with no questioning. Savings for what reason … Map it all out first with no hidden agendas. Home life is a shared thing… Habits, are there things that will just piss ya off?? Ask about them, who dies laundry, dishes, cleaning, what do they like to do on weekends or time down, homes time or out with the guys… Friends in or not… Your family and friends as equal as yours… Do they enjoy them too??? Anyone of your friends who questions them… Go have lunch and ask them why and what they see that makes them respond that way…. Trust honest responces totally!
    What about your babies and their raising? Who is the main nurturer, how will that work if both parents work? How about illness or disabilities… Is one going to flip blame or not hands on???
    I will say here that if either isn’t in it for the commitment level of forever… The heart won’t lie and divorce could happen…. Don’t get married if you still feel you are looking for someone else…. But this is a good person I have feelings for or your family or friends push you into it. Loving 100% is not a goal to be attained or grown into… Love will change for deeper and better together when both work for it… WORK is marriage!!!

  10. Sarah Fletcher says:

    Hannah, I am wanting to start a blog and wondering if you like yours on wordpress. If so, do you do the free option or upgrade and pay a little each month?

  11. Ella Bruck says:

    Hi, i found your blog by a post you did years ago called, “my husband is not my soulmate.” My mom at the time was trying to prove a point about that certain subject and found your post. I read it and since then i have followed your blog and it is amazing!! Thank you soo much for what you do!

  12. Celine Kinneberg says:


    Just a thought! Would you please address the lack of stylish, comfortable and cute baby boy clothes. Currently I am on a #ihatecartersbabyclothes campaign! Please help! Where do we find baby boy clothes that are simple, not frumpy and don’t have words plastered across their front or behind.

    Many thanks!


  13. Bob Taylor says:

    Congratulations Dr. Wegman!
    Great job Hannah.
    It is a great accomplishment and you should be very proud. Hearing your thoughts, struggles bring back memories for me and my dissertation defense. God bless.

  14. Simone Holden says:

    Hey Hannah,

    I love reading your blog. I am pregnant for the first time and trying to find a good baby wrap. Yours looks pretty comfortable, which one do you use? And any thoughts on that vs the baby k’tan? Appreciate the advice!


    • Hannah says:

      Congrats Simone! So, with Henry, I used the K’tan and Moby and they are great…. with your first when you have time to take the million minutes to wrap and check and watch tutorials etc. Someone gave me this sling used when Henry was about 6 months, and I started using it around the house because you can get a kid in FAST. I have used it exclusively for Etta for that reason: fast, easy, doubles as a blanket/nursing cover, and she loves it. Soon I will probably start using the Bjorn for longer carries, as the sling can be less supportive. I have the Maya wrap!

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