There are a lot of blogs out there, and you really shouldn’t waste your time reading ones you don’t like, especially since even reading blogs you do like could be seen by some (hi mom) as a waste of time.

Here is a list of some of my favorite blog posts, some that are representative of what you’ll find here on a regular basis.





The Occasional Rant.

This, and a whole lot of daily life in DC is what you will find here.  Random musings on the everyday art of ordinary life. A little color, a couple habits, and a lot of quirk.

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  2. Hi Hannah~
    It looks like you never meant for your blog to get so much publicity, but I love what your blog is about. I love that you aren’t afraid to share about your love for God, but/and that you don’t feel like *every* post needs to be about Him /exclusively/ (a la Evangelical Movement mentioned in your Anniversary post).
    I hope you don’t mind if I read your blog from time to time. I love seeing the art in life! Thanks for writing.

    (from )

  3. sekingphotography says:

    Hi Hannah!
    I have just started blogging. Everyone says, “Follow people then your blog will take off!” I’ve been super picky about who I follow, however. Just like you said, “you shouldn’t waste your time reading blogs you don’t like.”
    You are the first blog I’ve felt the NEED to follow. I really appreciate your artistic perspective on things…and I really UNDERSTAND your blog. To me, your blog is like the standard I would like to achieve.
    Please check out mine:
    Thanks for blessing the world with your posts!

  4. Hannah, I love your writing and your fresh voice. I have a question I’d love to toss your way, but rather not do it here in a comment. If you don’t mind emailing me, I’ll share with you my thougth and I’ll keep it brief!

  5. kyrielleadelshine says:

    God, I am so impressed!!!!!!! I’m going to have to take notes or something to get my blog more organized like yours ;0) Seriously though, I am really looking forward to reading more, and funny comment on your opening page about your mom and blogging, hahah, you could probably say that about 1/2 the world. Anyways, glad to have found you on here. AND, congrats on being in the “top blogs” section on my dashboard page….very awesome. Very impressed.

  6. Amber J says:

    Hi there! New to your site, and I think I’ll stick around. 🙂

  7. laglenden says:

    If we lived in another world where we inhabited the same city, even if just for a brief time, I think we would make fine friends. There. It’s decided. BUT, since that’s not possibility, I think I’ll just be friends with you blog. I absolutely love your voice, the things you write about, and the incredible insight you have to offer.

    Thank you for sharing your gift!!!

  8. heatherjoybrown says:

    Hello Hannah!
    My name is Heather. My husband and I just moved to the DC area and my friend who lives all the way down in Australia follows your blog religiously. When she heard I was moving there her first reaction “you’ll be moving to the place where my favorite blogger lives!” I’ve spent 15 min on here and absolutely love your posts, style, ideas on life and marriage, photography… I too LOVE mason jars! Can’t wait to read more. 🙂 thank you for being here and making DC already feel like home.

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