New Year’s Resolutions . . . Retroactively.

I am horrible at New Year’s resolutions. Inevitably I make it till about February first until I get sidetracked.  Several years ago I realized that I was always making the same resolutions because I can never carry them through to the next year.  I decided to just embrace making the same resolution every year as a mark of persistence and tradition. Thus, I floss.  Please don’t misunderstand – I take dental hygiene very seriously.  But I always forget to floss, or run out of floss, or get sidetracked, etc. But by making this resolution the past 4 years, I now floss on a semi regular basis.  My resolve was beginning to wan, but January 1st renewed my vigor. I will hopefully make it to next year. Teeth are a rare commodity in Kentucky, and I intend to take good care of mine.

But as I was thinking over this past year, I realized that I did resolutely make improvements to my life.  So here are my retroactive New Year’s resolutions, the best decisions I have made in the past year.

Cursive: My handwriting has always been barely legible, but time in France proved cured. The elementary children I taught routinely critiqued my handwriting, as their perfect script had been beat into them by years of rulers, grid paper, and colored pens. Finally I caved and made the transition to cursive, from which I will never return.  It is more beautiful.  Why should we not seek to live more beautiful lives in all the little details?  My students now complain, as handwriting is a lost art in the states.  But I just inform them that they will have to learn. This has produced various degrees of success and attempts on their part.

Books: This past year has been one of reading, as I need good books to live and leaving school meant I needed to choose them. No one ever regrets reading more.

Eggplant, figs, kale, and leeks: Who knew that the first was good in everything, the second actually has a form outside of a Newton, the third is occasionally tolerable, and the fourth is divine? Brave the produce section, choose wholly on looks, and be surprised!

Family: Living back in Kentucky means more time with my family, and that will be one of the treasures of this past year.

Big Southern Hair: I spent years doing the “my hair is kind of curly so I will never brush it and just have crazy hair that dries as I go about my day” thing. But that was college/ Paris and this is Kentucky with a Big Girl Job.  Cue return to curlers.  They are in my blood and now that I have resumed my place of giant hair, I will never go back.

Cleanliness: I have never been a slob, but living entirely on my own brought out a truly organized neat person. I may have only had 10 square meters to call my own in Paris but there was a dish sponge and a surface sponge, a dish-towel and a hand towel, but they Did. Not. Mix. Ever.

I suppose I should now make a list of all the decisions that I don’t want to repeat from this past year. I’ll floss instead.


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3 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions . . . Retroactively.

  1. Mary Feeney says:

    I am so glad that you’ve kept up your blog(s) this year, tracing your life in Paris and Kentucky. Almost of your posts make me smile and the majority of them have made me laugh. You have such a refreshing style, probably because you notice so many of the little details in life that most people overlook.
    I’m glad that I’ve taken the time to follow your blog this past year… it’s totally been worth it.

  2. I loved this post. And thanks for the flossing reminder. I always forget that part of dental hygiene…

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