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This & That.

It’s been even quieter than usual lately because I finished writing my dissertation a couple weeks ago and following the euphoria of submitting it, promptly realized all the many other things in life that had been neglected since Christmas. It … Continue reading

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From the trenches: Discipline.

The first time Henry threw a legitimate tantrum, I was positive that he must be having an allergic reaction to something he had eaten earlier in the day at his babysitter’s house. Surely only approaching death and deep physical pain … Continue reading

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From the jello.

Lately it has felt just a little bit like I’m sinking. Not quite totally sinking, but not freely swimming either. More like very slow and tedious dog paddling in a pool of Jello. Luckily, I love Jello, and this pool … Continue reading

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We went to Kentucky and Indiana over Christmas break, and I barely pulled out my camera at all. We skipped our standard family photoshoot with my family, as our time all together was very short, and my older brother and … Continue reading

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Second baby.

I’ve always thought that 2 years is a nice age gap between siblings, and it looks like we will get to experience that firsthand- baby 2 coming almost exactly 2 years behind baby 1!We were pretty casual with telling people … Continue reading

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Christmas commercials make me cry [vol. 2].

Yesterday Henry “hosted” (ok, “was present for”) some of his friends to decorate Christmas cookies and there was going to be a blog post of cute pictures of tots and sprinkles… but have you ever handed sprinkles to toddlers? We … Continue reading

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Christmas Card Out-takes, 2017.

Even is this blog has been truly limping along as of late, never let it be said that I am not one for tradition. And up there with the various other seasonal Yuletide markers, this blog celebrates truly horrendous pictures … Continue reading

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