Mediterranean Bean Salad

I love packing my lunch. There is a supreme satisfaction in having a lunchbox/ Kroger sack stashed away somewhere with a perfectly planned lunch.  I think it is the process of it that I like, the evening ritual of sandwich making, Tupperware, cling wrap, and little ziplock bags of grapes or crackers.  I also really like salads, but not always the typical lettuce, crouton, carrot shred deal. I prefer mixtures of veggies, pastas, etc, preferably sprinkled liberally with some sort of cheese.

Last fall the freshmen had some sort of Mediterranean ancient food party in history class. I love these parties because they inevitable mean that someone brings Mademoiselle Stone a snack.  One of my students made this salad and it is a favorite.

Mediterranean Bean Salad

Rinse and drain:

1 can black beans

1 can corn

1 can diced tomatos (or you can dice some of your own)


1 red pepper

1+ green pepper

1 onion

Add 1 tbsp diced canned garlic. Crumble in however much feta you like. For me, this is a lot.

Combine all of the above and toss with a olive oil, grainy mustard, and lemon juice to taste.

Serve with pita chips.

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1 Response to Mediterranean Bean Salad

  1. abby says:

    This looks amazing. I will plan on eating it as soon as Aaron leaves town. He would think it was too girly. I, like yourself, prefer to think of this as having some veggies with my feta. Speaking of which, I see you are eating feta that comes packaged dry. Of course any feta is better than none. However. I get mine still in the brine, making it unbelievably juicy and perfectly textured. You must find some and try it. You will never go back.

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