Every time I see another cupcake shop, I hope that scones will be the next cupcake, the next edible fad to strike.  They are my one weakness among baked goods.  Ok, that’s a lie – there are many. But I do especially love scones. A couple weeks ago my roommate and I trekked all over downtown Lexington looking for scones to no avail. Magee’s was out (as they perpetually are), Belle’s was closed, and so was Sunrise Bakery. Finally, we consoled ourselves at Dunkin’ Donuts, far cry from the flaky perfection of a scone.  Last week we finally had scone success and made it to Belle’s before they closed.  Named after the daughter of the owners who has literally grown up in her namesake, this perfect hole in the wall bakery serves up scones that are practically the size of your face. The scone pictured above was the surprisingly good ham and cheese scone.

This was a long roundabout way to say that I have officially discovered one of the best homemade sweet scone recipes ever.  Last Saturday I had a baking extravaganza with one of my oldest and best friends, Susannah. We were making baked goods to take to our friend Rachel, who is basically a rock star by association. Suze is an AMAZING photographer and you can see her gorgeous photos of our baking/rock star adventure at her photo blog. If anyone feels inspired by her photos of our delicious scones (which you should), the original recipe for these cranberry citrus cream scones is here and then we added white chocolate chips and brushed the tops of the scones with egg whites and raw sugar before baking.

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2 Responses to Scones

  1. Susannah says:

    you’re the best 🙂 I so enjoyed my Saturday with you!

    oh, and wouldn’t it be hole-in-the-wall? (sp?) 😉

  2. Kendria says:

    You are so very right! I’ve always loved a good scone over most confectionery treats. When I went to London and had a scone with clotted cream for the first time, it changed my life! Maked me question why we emancipated ourselves from Britain….The Brits are brilliant! Clotted cream/scone is quite a dynamic duo if you haven’t tried it.

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