Easter in Arizona

These last couple weeks of the semester have found me with almost no time offer any updates from my life. My evenings are consumed with final grades, end of the year functions, trying to find an affordable apartment in DC (something rivaled in difficulty only by say, quantum physics) and the delightful gatherings that early summer ushers in.  But it is at last an uncluttered Sabbath, a day to nap on the couch, enjoy a mother’s day lunch after church, and post some new pictures on the blog.

Over Easter weekend I traveled to Scottsdale, Arizona, to spend several days with some dearly loved friends and second family. This long awaited and much anticipated trip did not disappoint.  Our 3 days were filled to the brim with laughter, delicious food, sun, the gorgeous southwest landscape, shopping, one shared floppy brim straw-hat, and the joy of being among old friends. Because no words can express the colorful kaleidoscope of joy and emotions that was our trip, I leave you with a collage of perfect moments.

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3 Responses to Easter in Arizona

  1. micmol says:

    great photographs 🙂

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