Kitten Stories: Belle and Sebastian

You might have been wondering what ever became of our Foster Kitty experiment. Well, after Felix’s successful run at our home and subsequent pawning off onto one of my students, we welcomed into our home Kitten #2, affectionately referred to as Mouse. There has never been an uglier kitten.  Not only was she every color of the rainbow with a tale that resembled that of a possum, she also had smell issues that were never quite figured out. After returning one day to find that Laura had Fabreezed the cat in a desperate attempt to eradicate the stench, we decided it was time for a break from parenthood. Janna, however never wavered in her love for our noble project, as is evidenced by her love even for crazy Mouse, whom she routinely wore around the house as shown.

But spring arrived, and with it, kitten season. Yes, there is a “kitten season,” who knew?  And we decided to have a final go at kittens. Thus we welcomed Belle and Sebastian into our home, twin balls of fluff small enough to fit in a coffee mug. Despite the fact that my obsessive need to cuddle them against my face has created puffy allergy eyes, they are perfect.  Our apartment is alive with fluffy balls of striped fur that attack each other, try to sit on any foot that has paused in walking, want to be held at all times, and coo like baby birds when they try to meow.

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4 Responses to Kitten Stories: Belle and Sebastian

  1. Rachel says:

    Awwww!! I love kittens, they are SO CUTE!!! They’re making me use too many exclamation points!!

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