Every inch of my space in every domain is a disaster. I am packing, endlessly packing, and the stacks and piles have 5 categories:

  1. Going to Paris.
  2. Not going to Paris but still going to DC and necessary in KY for the three weeks in between getting back from Paris and moving to DC.
  3. Not going to Paris or DC and therefore to be assimilated into my parent’s home.
  4. Going to DC and not necessary for summer or Paris and thus must be washed and moved from my apartment to the basement at my parents’ to await the Big Move.
  5. Give away. Why do I have a tea set with rooster on it? Where did I get this shirt? And why have I kept that weird skirt when I haven’t had anything to wear with it since I lost that shirt somewhere in the dorm my freshmen year of college?

The result of this is utter chaos. My car has made many trips and looks like a high school boy uses it, my room looks like a second hand clothes sorting room, and my basement is filling with boxes. Sometimes I waste time on pinterest and I see idealistic jcrew-esque catalog spreads where you pack for a summer trip like this, with a unifying color scheme and carefully selected pieces to maximize your outfit options while minimizing what you actually need to bring:

No one packs like this. At least, I hope not. Instead, we normal humans just throw giant piles of all the things we like most and then we end up with a suitcase full of unwearable items and awkward ensembles.  This is why my backup plan is to go to Paris and hit the sales. Out of necessity, of course. But just in case, I do have 7 pairs of shoes packed.

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2 Responses to Packing

  1. Shannon Heitzman says:

    Sadly, I DO pack like that. OCD. I make outfits and then look at how I can take some items out with out losing too much style but to save space. But I do always pack one or two extra possible outfits bc sometimes you’re not in the mood to wear something you thought you would…

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