TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY I WILL BE MOVING.  Sometimes life necessitates the caps lock key.  This means that two weeks from today I will have packed everything that is currently scattered around my parents house, in the basement, and across one corner of the garage into a ambitiously small u-haul and two vehicles. Even though I know that space will be tight, I just can’t stop acquiring things, which tends to happen when you move.  In fact, looking back on my summer, I feel the need to unburden my soul.

Confession #1: I have an obsession with adopting the clothes that other people throw out. Hand me downs somehow have developed a bad reputation over the years, but whoever started this idea did not have the right friends. If I had to bet, at least 1/3 of my wardrobe belonged to Susannah or Rachel at one point, and I have at least one shirt that made the cycle between all of my closest friends here.

Confession #2: I changed one of my radio presets to country music. Now then, an explanation. Summer begs to be accompanied by songs about cut off jeans, pickup trucks, and summer nights. During the year, I obligingly listen to a blend of NPR or whatever music is in, but during the summer, I return to redneck KY roots and revel in patriotism and angsty break up songs where the evil woman took both your dignity and your tractor. Plus, unless you live in a parallel universe of sunshine and bubbles, you have probably spent the last several weeks feeling like our country is falling apart and will never recover. Cue country music. When every 4th song is a tearjerker about standing up for America you start to think that maybe there is a silent majority of farmers, rednecks, and recovering alcoholics who still believe in the nation.

Confession #3: My resolution to go to the farmer’s market more has been eclipsed by my resolution to sleep in. As has much else.

Confession #4: The Bachelorette. In admitting to having watched this show, I wash my hands of my greatest guilt.  In admitting to believing that Ashley has actually found true love I resume it.

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5 Responses to Confessions

  1. Emily says:

    You are hilarious! Can we be friends when you move here? Thank you. Shh. Don’t tell James.

  2. Jaimi says:

    Amen, Mama Bear! I’m all about the hand-me-downs! (or, in my family’s case, hand-me-ups . . . Mandi’s finally taller than me . . .) I’ll have you know that I still have a few token Hannah Stone pieces in my wardrobe . . . I miss the shared-Ramp-closet-with-the-hidden-passageway 😦

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