“Comment ça va?”

I wish to correct a potential misconception. If you were innocently reading this blog, you might think that my life in DC is wandering starry eyed though monuments, taking pretty pictures, eating overpriced delicacies, and generally living life up. Let me correct you, Oh Innocent Reader.  I do homework.  I read lots of articles that I frequently don’t understand, study books in which the characters usually die, and teach French to college students that are way too serious to appreciate my fantastic sense of humor and amazingly witty memory devices.

I love school, really I do. But after two years of giving the grades, getting them is a little abrasive. And going back on the college-esque do-homework-all-the-time-and-feel-guilty-for-doing-fun-things is not fun. But I appreciate the education I am getting, even if it interupts the life of leisure that I perfected this past summer.  One constant from last year is that I still love teaching. College students may not be as endearing as high schoolers, but they are so studious and responsible that it has some perks.  UMD is big into technology so I have been adjusting to teaching with power points. I try to mix up the images from the book with some creative ones.

And so, I present to you a very helpful lesson to teach you the appropriate responses to the question: “Comment ça va?” (“How are you doing?)

“Je suis en forme!”

“Je suis très occupé(e)!”

“Je suis malade!”

“Je suis stressé(e)!”

“Je suis fatigué(e)!”

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6 Responses to “Comment ça va?”

  1. As another TA, I can attest to the truth of this. I have been all these this week too.
    And what is it with students and jokes? At the very least they should learn to laugh as a sucking up tool. Collegiate natural selection will get to them soon enough, then they’ll laugh at everything.

  2. Marilyne says:

    ahhhhh c’est trop bien!!!! What about Ça va comme çi comme ça… which we don’t really use in France but all American text books seem to think we do 😉

    • hs87 says:

      We did those responses on another day . . . these were to transition into adjectives ; ). And yes, I told them that comme çi comme ça is not really used ; ).

  3. bkjergaard says:

    I love comme çi comme ça! And hot damnn…..you’ve got some good hair these days! Very jealous!

    • Jaimi says:

      I had the same reaction to these pictures, Bethany . . . you’ve got J-B-L hair goin’ on to the MAX, Hannah. No joke.

  4. mcfeeney says:

    C’est super! Hannah j’aime beaucoup ton blog et cet idée!

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