Special Access

During Convocation my freshmen year at college, I met Bethany. We weren’t really friends my first year of school, but by the end of my sophomore year we were close. We both studied abroad the fall of our junior year and we visited each other in Oxford and Paris.  I hadn’t seen her since she visited me in France almost a year and a half ago, but this past week she came out to DC.  We ran, we laughed, and we ate ridiculous amounts of wonderful food and rich cheese.

We also enjoyed special access courtesy of James, who, other than being the world’s best boyfriend, is also a very convenient tourist asset.  James got us tickets to the fall garden tours at the White House, and Bethany and I have been eagerly hoping that Bo would be out for  a walk and we could pet the First Dog. Sadly, this did not happen, but we did see Michelle’s Kitchen Garden, the girls’ swing set, and I stepped on the grass despite the snipers on the roof (and much to James’ chagrin).

After our tour, we climbed up to enjoy the best view in the city and we watched the sunset over the capital. This has been the first weekend that really felt like fall and we relished the perfect sunset and cool evening.

As I start this next week, my heart is full of wonderful friends and the beautiful colors of this first fall weekend.

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3 Responses to Special Access

  1. bkjergaard says:

    I definitely thought the “special access” title referred to me. As in “hannah has special access to bethy.” Or the White House. Take your pic. But I think that I shall make the hair pictures my facebook profile pic.

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