After over 2 months of living in DC, I am finally getting around to posting pictures of my sweet little house. If you spoke with me any time last spring you know that finding somewhere to live in DC proved just about impossible. Not only was everything WAY beyond the grad school stipend, but anything that was in the right price range ended up being somewhere unspeakable ugly and uncomfortably dangerous. I planned on living with a friend from college and neither or us was actually in DC to look at places so I replied to lots of ads on Craigslist and sent James running around the city to check on sunlight, no-pedestal sinks, etc. Of course, most of the ads I even got answers from were scams that required a check sent to Africa after which they would mail me the key.

Finally, with the help of a realtor, Liz called and said that she had found The Place. It was on a surprisingly quiet side street, not too far from a convenient metro for me to head out to Maryland every day, brimming over with sunny nooks, and actually in our price range. We found a third roommate and moved in to our cozy little home. This is Sarah, me, and Liz at my birthday party.

Now, you pretty much have to force me from the house. It is cozy, bright, delightfully decorated, and always full of good food and friendly people. Here are a couple pictures of my room (no, I did not hang up up the red velvet on the back of the bookshelf. But I am growing attached . . .):

And now a collage of Sunday snapshots from our home:

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  1. mcfeeney says:

    Beautiful photos Hannah! I just posted photos of my apartment too (after my sister had been bugging me for weeks to do so!).
    You should also know that your recent post with all of the French phrases and accompanying photos still makes me laugh! I’m still waiting to hear anyone say “comme ci- comme รงa.”

  2. Shannon says:

    Hooray for pictures! What a darling house! I highly approve ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have a crush on you because of what you did with your necklaces and wine bottles.

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  5. jenzartzaar says:

    Hi, I’m Liz’s aunt. Thanks for posting the pics. Love seeing what a wonderful homey place you all have made.

  6. Tiffany G. says:

    Hi Hannah! Firstly, your place looks amazing! You have an awesome sense of style! Secondly, I also live in DC– well, for half of ever year, lol. You should come see me sometime :)Thirdly, what camera do you have? The color in the photos look so nice!

  7. Amy Fenster says:

    I love how that oil painting turned out! Miss you at school!

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