A couple resolutions

I have written before about how incredibly awful I am at maintaining resolutions, thus my annual renewing of my vow to floss daily. But this year I decided to try to at least make a couple resolutions beyond my yearly re-commitment to increased dental hygiene. Call it ambition, or optimism about the coming year, but I am feeling up to making a few resolutions (even if a month late). I think there are two major types of New Year’s Resolutions.  First, the “New You” resolutions. These are the weight loss goals, the organic eating goals, the spend-less, sleep more, exercise more, etc. goals. I personally find these very hard to keep, as they are generally unpleasant to accomplish. Second, there are what I think of as the “Better You” resolutions. These are about spending more time with family, reading better books, finally travelling to new places, etc.

This year, I am making some resolutions of the second variety, because I think that improving the quality of our life in general, not just our person, is a good goal for every year. So here is my short list.

  1. Read Brothers Karamozov. Pretty sure that that I have made this goal about 5 times before, but I never get so far as buying the book. I feel that possession of the resolution tool will make all the difference. It was the key in ultimately getting me to floss.
  2. Go to New York. Never been. Always wanted to go.
  3. Find the best French bakery in DC.  This is slightly in conflict with my “New Me” resolution of trying the primal blueprint, but exceptions must be made.
  4. Spend lots of quality time with my family this summer.
  5. Get to know DC better.

That last resolution is one of the biggest. Before I moved out here, I did lots of fun DC stuff when I visited James. But since moving out here I have let grad school consume my life and I take advantage of little that this city has to offer beyond pretty runs through Eastern Market and the occasional dinner out. These past two weekends I have started out on this new resolution. Last weekend I trekked out to Georgetown to visit a wonderful little French bakery with my friend Kim before heading in to the National Portraiture Gallery. I spent the middle part of the day sketching. Here are two of the quick sketches.

Yesterday Liz and James and I took advantage of some Groupons to go see the Newseum. (While I am horrible about getting out and doing fun things in the city, Liz is pretty much a pro, so I am hoping to benefit from her expertise.)  If you told me that I got to go to a museum about the news and look at lots of old papers, I would not exactly appear thrilled. But the Newseum was truly amazing, with historic front pages, amazing exhibits about the presidential personal photographers, 9/11, Berlin wall, and Pulitzer prize winning photographs.  It was moving actually, seeing some of the stories and images that have occupied our public fascination over the years. And it convicted me of the need to soak in all that I can as long as I am blessed to be here.

On the terrace of the Newseum.

James, disgruntled at the construction that is marring the Mall.

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3 Responses to A couple resolutions

  1. Lawson Stone says:

    That last of James is scary. If he ever looks at you that way, think back to whatever you did or said and….Don’t.Do.It.Again.

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