The Resurrection Flower

I never thought I would say this but I actually miss winter. Last year spoiled me. It erased some of the pain of 4 long Michigan winters, and taught me that winter meant lots of snow days, BBC marathons, and cozy food.  This year winter mostly skipped DC. Perhaps I am speaking too soon, and I will pay for it with a harsh in-like-a-lion sort of March. But for now, I almost feel that it was frivolous to buy my wonderful new down lined winter coat. Almost.

Maybe the early spring is behind what I am terming the Resurrection Flower. When I first moved in a friend gave me a lovely orchid plant as a housewarming gift.  After about a month – and an unfortunate encounter at a party – my orchid was sadly bare of all its beautiful flowers. Susannah told me that if I just kept putting ice cubes on it (which sounds ridiculous) it would eventually re-bloom. I have dutifully ice-cubed that plant since October.

I re-iterate: I have ceremoniously placed ice cubes on a bloomless dead plant for 4 months.

Our poor sad orchid moved around the house decorating different surfaces, offering itself as the hipster Christmas tree (trees were only cool till everyone got one), and enduring snide comments of disbelief from less believing roommates.

And then one day right after I got back from break I saw a bud, then another. Our orchid is currently greeting the early spring with bold blooms. 

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3 Responses to The Resurrection Flower

  1. I wish I’d known that trick when my own first (and to date only) orchid lost all its flowers! I kept it in hopeless hope for about two months, then threw it away with a sigh and dubbed myself “black-thumbed.” Next time…

  2. bkjergaard says:

    You know that even when you hated Michigan winters, you deep down loved them. We were invincible then.

    Also, how can you have Christmas without a tree? It makes me sad that hipsters stole your joy.

    • hs87 says:

      I mean, I did love them when we didn’t have to go outside. Winter is perfect from inside a warm living room. And I did love that tinge of moral superiority that winter bestowed upon our daily runs.

      As for the tree, we wanted to get one but they were expensive, so when we threw a Christmas party, we just made it hipster themed and ate lots of vintage snacks (BEANIE WEANIES!) and tied a bow on our poor dead orchid.

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