Occupy DC

Though not as in the news as other big cities, DC has it’s share of devoted Occupiers, holding out for the 99%. Liz has had to cover them for the paper a couple times and she confirms that there is in fact a hierarchy among the occupiers, with the more organized official protesters inhabiting better tents and enjoying more benefits while the stragglers, late joiners, and less polished people suffer more for the cause. I guess this means that the former are in fact the 1% of the 99%. Must feel good to triumph over the masses.

Yet the occupying that affects my daily basis is of another nature. We have only a 2 car sized patch of dirt/grass behind our house that Sarah and I park over. For a while I have been noticing a smell when I went out the back door. The mystery was solved when we opened the backdoor and saw multiple cats sitting in a row on the edge of the grass match. Apparently all the neighborhood cats have decided that our parking places provide the ultimate communal litter box.

I have spent a lot of time zoning out in the metro imagining how to deter the cats from this occupancy. Please understand that I do not desire to hurt the cats (Remember the kitten fostering project? I love the felines.) But I do want them to leave. Desperately. Because it smells. A lot.  Any ideas for non-hazardous ways to drive away a posse of tough cats that have decided that nothing says posh communal bathroom like the sandy patch under two Hondas?

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6 Responses to Occupy DC

  1. Wesley says:

    buy Bitter Apple at the pet store and spray when you see the cats. It neutralizes their odor. Couple this with a 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water spray bottle and spray anytime you see them. I am sure you will triumph : )

  2. Jordan says:

    Well, if you hated cats you could have purchased a Ford, but since you dont want to harm them I dont think I can help you.

  3. Sara says:

    Also, you can try Diatomaceous Earth. It’s pretty good.

  4. Suzy says:

    Awww, would that all the occupiers were cute little kitties! Ones that did not leave smelly messes, of course.

    Forgive me, Hannah, for I doubted you. I tried the peanut butter cookie recipe, ate a cookie fresh out of the oven, and was very disappointed. The texture was grainy, the flavor a little off. How could someone as trained by the patisseries of France as you post such a recipe? Then I waited a few hours, had another bite. Wow. Then I waited a day, and had another one, and they were SO delicious. Now I am very disappointed that I must take them to a bake sale!

    • hs87 says:

      Of Suzy — I’m so sad that you had moments of doubt! Yes, you do have to let them set until the set, and then the just get better with time. I personally liked the ones I had straight out of the oven, but I really really love peanut butter everything, anytime. I am so glad however that they finally ended up turning out wonderful! : )

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