First World Products

In keeping with the spirit of my first world problems, I wanted to share with you a list of some of my favorite first world products. None of these things are essential. In fact, they are borderline frivolous. And yet, I have become genuinely convinced that these products are almost necessary to my daily life. How did I live before them, I ponder, thinking pityingly on my coatless-blenderless-purseless-caseless days. The answer is, I still lived pretty well. But “pretty well” pales in comparison to the gloriously enlightened (and much poorer) me that exists now. So here are some of my very favorite products that would only be necessary in the first world, and only be purchased by those us therein.

The Patagonia Tres Parka . This was an extravagant winter buy, but allow me to explain. I spent 4 years in Michigan without actually buying a real winter coat. Sure, I had dressy coats, but I didn’t have a snow survival coat, which is ridiculous since the snow lasted for approximately 4 months each year.  Over break, my friend Rachel showed me her new coat, regaled me with the story of her intense coat research, and 15 minutes later I had googled, found it for a HUGE discount. I came back from DC ready to brave the cold wind while I wait outside for the super inefficient metro. And then winter skipped us. But at least my coat has an H2NO layer that can be removed from the down inner coat and I have used it during our winter rain.

How did I cook before my immersion blender? I know, ridiculous. I cooked just fine. But that was because I didn’t know how great life would be with it. I can blend anything. ANYTHING. I know have an intense desire to pulverize every vegetable into a state that resembles baby food. And it is so easy, and clean, and convenient! I actually went and removed the food processor from our wedding registry because I love my immersion blender. I use it to make this amazing cider squash soup, and this carrot miso soup, and mashed potatoes, etc. You name it, I can pulverize it. James might be growing tired of dinners that resemble paste.

Obviously, one of my greatest first world problems, is that my fancy smancy camera is so big that is awkward in my purse and hurts my shoulder. But not any longer. For Christmas I got this beautiful Ona camera bag: functional on the inside, really cute on the outside.

My dad, sympathetic to the stolen computer incident, purchased me this covert computer case. Now, only people collecting vintage books will steal my technological necessities. Plus, when people comment on how cool my case is, I get to moan and share my computer theft horror story.

Now then. I am officially done unburdening my first world issues. Let the record show that I actually don’t whine all the time, I give to missions and church, and I wash out plastic baggies (sometimes) to reuse them. Oh, and I  recycle. Poorly, because I get confused about what can be recycled, but I do it. That counts for something, right? Just felt the need to share.

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9 Responses to First World Products

  1. Erin Z says:

    I also have an immersion blender and am obsessed with it. I make a pureed soup per week, at least. Philip remains skeptical.

    • hs87 says:

      They are magic! I went back and linked the two recipes I mentioned. The squash one is now a winter fav, although James confessed that he feels it is a little unmanly.

  2. bkjergaard says:

    Ha! Still don’t own a winter coat. I want an immersion blender so badly. I only have a blender and a food processor. I think I have more kitchen appliances than my mother.

  3. Rebecca Immitt says:

    Hannah Stone, you make me laugh out loud. 🙂


  4. Jaimi says:

    My addition to this list . . . the Kapoosh! My life *hasn’t* been the same since moving out of the Ramp. No lie.

    • hs87 says:

      I DO love the Kapoosh!!! How could I have forgotten it? It really is rough having so many knives from different brands. How could I function without my Kapoosh?

  5. mcfeeney says:

    Hannah, I can both understand your first world problems and relate to your delight in your first world products. Since living here in my little apartment, I’ve missed having a dishwasher, but even more, I miss my garlic press! It’s unbelievable how much some products make life easier. I’m too cheap to buy a garlic press here that would just take up room and weight (!) in my suitcase coming back, but every time I cut up garlic by hand, (which is about every time I cook something other than breakfast food!) I feel sorry for myself and remember how much easier it was back home!
    I did finally break down and buy a can opener (I felt like the butcher knife method I used once was too dangerous) and I found it for €1 at a Euro-store. Perhaps I’ll have to follow your lead and blog about my problems, because I feel like they do have a great impact on my daily life!

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