Shower Power and Flower(s) and Flour

During college, I spent many a spring evening stuffing my face with shower food. At small private colleges the adage “ring before spring” does often prove true. And with every giggly bride there are showers. And with every shower, there are plates of impossibly delicious bite sized foods. (Let me tell you, the Ring Before Spring crowd KNOWS how to bake. There are also those games where you have to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper, at which I get super competitive, and yet never win.)

Have I mentioned that I have the best bridesmaids ever? Because I do.  A whole army of them, in fact. Why stop at four bridesmaids when you could have eight?  I like to think of them as a sports team. I might have confessed to James that I secretly wanted us to all play a pre-wedding softball game against each other wearing cool baseball jerseys with nicknames on the back. He reminded me that this little dream game would certainly end with several of our wedding party incapacitated and unable to make it down the aisle. It was also mentioned that the ladies would lose, and I happen to be kind of a sore loser, so I decided not to mar the wedding weekend.

Last weekend Susannah, (my one bridesmaid who lives out here in DC, and the master artist behind our amazing engagement photos!) threw me my very first shower. Rachel (my bridesmaid in Kentucky who is the skills behind every printed aspect of our wedding) flew out to help.  Now remember, these are the two with whom that I threw last year’s May Day party, so I had high expectations.

Which were of course met and surpassed.
That amazing cake you see is the Bakewell tart from Smitten Kitchen. You should probably go and make it NOW.

Special thanks to Susannah’s artsy circle of people for the beautiful details like the amazing custom letterpress invites and menus  from Always Will Design and the lovely flower arrangements from Sweet Root Village (of which you can look at many more pictures here.) And thanks to Liz for these pictures… I was busy stuffing my face with fancy foods.

(I apologize for the excessive use of parentheses in this post. Sometimes life has lots of exciting interruptions.)

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9 Responses to Shower Power and Flower(s) and Flour

  1. Mandy says:

    SO pretty – love that table!
    Blooged Today: Pink Boudoir

  2. Hannah, you have that “I’m going to be married” glow. You look so beautiful! Well, truthfully, I guess you and Susannah both cleaned up a bit from the pics I saw from the Cherry Blossom Run. (Way to go on completing that run together!) Lovely pictures that I thoroughly enjoyed. So happy for you!

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