A Tale of One Apartment, Expressed by Pics from Pinterest

Remember the Great Apartment Search? Well it is OVER. For the last couple of weeks I have felt like this:

Which has pretty much made me want to do this:

But today at noon we got the call saying that we will be moving into an adorably quirky apartment near Eastern Market with hardwood floors and a sun porch. I am so relieved that I pretty much feel like this:

I’m also pretty excited that we ended up finding a place big enough to avoid feeling like this:

I mean, it isn’t so grand as this:

Nor does it have quite as much light as this: 

Nor does it have sinks full of kittens awaiting us like this:

But it will be our first home. It doesn’t need to be mansion, or have so many windows that we live bathed in pools of light, or have sinks of furry friends. It doesn’t need to be fancy, or have all the newest furniture (which is good, because it won’t!). It just needs to be a space for us to start the life long process of two people building one home. 

(Pictures all from Pinterest. You can see all of my boards here.)

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5 Responses to A Tale of One Apartment, Expressed by Pics from Pinterest

  1. bkjergaard says:

    Hurrah! I hope that a couch is in the works, b/c I love the Eastern Market! And the Wegmanns!

  2. redhairedrebel says:

    Yay!! This makes me wonderfully happy 🙂

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