ihave [an] iphone.

I have an iphone. Now, for most of you reading this, this is no big deal, as you have all had smart phones for quite some time. But for me, who has been using a phone that was mediocre at best, this is exciting and worthy of its own post. All through highschool and college I used a phone that I affectionately and descriptively referred to as the Brick. Remember those cell phones in One Fine Day?Pretty much like that. When the Brick finally fell apart, I got a phone that was one step up, but still 5 steps down from smart phone-hood.

But now I have an iphone.

I too can waste time Instagramming random things and making them look artsy. I too can check my email and Facebook way more than necessary. And I too can leave maps at home, give up all sense of direction, and follow a blinking blue dot to my destination.  I still am not really sure how to use my phone, and I still text with one finger (but hey, I still only really type with 6 fingers), but I could do so much.  In theory, I have twitter, but I a) don’t really think people need to know or care about random facts of my day b) stress too much about phrasing witty moments of my day with so few characters and c) #donotunderstandhashtags.  Pretty much it seems like twitter is like a lame facebook status without the gratification of likes and comments. Thoughts?

But I have entered the smart phone world.  And now I can make random collages of disjointed moments from my life. Here’s the past week.sunshine. wedding prep. the General. summer evenings. this peach cake. besties. chores with the animals. picnics in the park. friends. pretty things.

Happy Summer!

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12 Responses to ihave [an] iphone.

  1. tina says:

    welcome to the world of more than just a phone! now maybe you can teach your mom to text & check msgs… that WOULD be something!! enjoy the wonders of new technology!

    • hs87 says:

      She kind of treats the phone like a fancy walkie-talkie… and all of us are slow texters, despite my father sitting us down for Text Training one evening… ; )

  2. NV Katie says:

    Hannah, what app do you use to make your collages? That’s my next step in learning this app technology. 🙂

    • hs87 says:

      There is a collage making app for Instagram (I am told) but it costs money (99 cents… but since that is the amount I spent on my whole phone, that’s a lot!) and I’m just not ready to make the commitment! For all of my collages, I just slap pictures next to each other in photoshop and then use the shape tool to make dividing lines. If you want a program though, my real photographer friends use one called Morai Compositor.

  3. nestorakarts says:

    I enjoyed this post a lot because I was just thinking about how much I’m addicted to my Android phone with facebook, email, twitter, instragram, gps… the list goes on! I would say twitter is kind of unnecessary however I created an account because a potential employer asked if I knew how to use Twitter for their design/marketing purposes so that I can say I have one. Happy adventures learning your new phone! 🙂

    • hs87 says:

      See, your twitter has a purpose… mine just has meaningless dribble that is affirmed in no way whatsoever with any outside comment or recognition.

  4. Liz says:

    yayyy!!! it’s about time. your life in dc driving will be way less stressful.

    • hs87 says:

      That was one of the primary reasons… James can’t handle any more driving breakdowns where I declare I’m just going back to Ky and starting over!

  5. kelly says:

    If you got the siri one, you just have to talk to it, and it somehow magiclly sends people texts, I’ve still got no idea how it works. (Is it sad that I can still remember what almost everyone’s phones looked like in High School?)

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