Summer is…

Summer is time at the pool with Grandma or Amanda and trying to slowly lower my SPF to get the right tan. Summer is eating the first tiny ripe tomatoes off the plant because I am too impatient to wait any longer. Summer is the grass crunching under bare feet and the hot sun and the long days and praying for rain. Summer is watermelon and peaches and juice that makes everything sticky and runs down your chin. Summer is time to read the good books that I forgot about during the year. Summer is dinners that you eat outside because life feels better and slower when you eat outside. Summer is sleeping in and staying up and wondering if you are too old to still catch fireflies.  Summer is pink lemonade and sweet tea and ice cubes that clink in the glass. Summer is concerts in the park and bug bites and the sounds of insects in the bushes.

This summer is also endless discussions over flowers and ties and whether people care if their invitation says Miss or Ms. This summer is laughing with my mom over plans and then fighting over whether the directions should say “Turn Left” or “Go South.” This summer is painting signs and tying ribbons and staining wood. This summer is writing cards and sticking stamps and shopping for favor bags. This summer is fittings and hair trial runs and planning and hoping. This summer is long discussions about the wedding when really we just want to sit on the floor and hug and cry because it won’t ever be like this again.

And this summer is different than the others. And I can’t wait for it to end because it means my life with James is just beginning.  And I am wishing it would last forever because it means this stage of life is ending.  And it goes too quickly and not quickly enough all at once.  Which is really just like every other summer.

 That is what summer is.

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4 Responses to Summer is…

  1. Shannon says:


  2. tina says:

    You may not realize it until September but this summer will be truly different. The letting to and embracing is what will make it different; bittersweet and exciting at the same time but just for a little while. Then you and your mom will move into a different phase of your relationship as mother/daughter… as women; one who will experience and one who has experienced. It will make your relationship deeper and richer along the way…

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