Wegmann Waffle Wednesday

Because new families like to start new traditions…

… especially ones that are covered in Nutella and whip cream (remember crêpe night on Tuesdays?), and involve alliteration.  You can find the waffle recipe we used here. And be forewarned that if you triple it, and there is only you, your husband, and your one very tall friend, you will have LOTS of waffles left over, even after forcing everyone to take thirds and insisting that your guest take a bag of waffles with him.

Anyone have any great traditions/ weekly meals that they want to share?

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10 Responses to Wegmann Waffle Wednesday

  1. Suzy says:

    Daniel and I make brunch every Saturday. It usually consists of eggs, bacon, and a large overdose of sugar in the form of pancakes or French toast smothered in cajeta quemada (goat’s milk dulce de leche). Sometimes I plan ahead and make chocolate-espresso donuts or cinnamon rolls. I’d love to see this turn into a table française if we can meet any French conversation partners in NYC, especially as the French don’t really have a concept of brunch and that is SUCH a shame!

    • hs87 says:

      I support the French conversation need, and the brunch education, although I will say that when I moved back after college, le brunch is starting to pick up steam! : ) Yay!

  2. I think our only weekly food tradition is pancakes on Sunday morning. 🙂 I have a great oatmeal pancake recipe that can be made several different ways (with pumpkin! blueberries! buckwheat!). Maple syrup, butter, and a warm fruit compote–peaches, berries, apples, anything you like–are our toppings.

    And then we have sausage or bacon on the side, duh.

    • hs87 says:

      What is it about breakfast food that makes such good tradition food??? : ) We always did Sunday night breakfast at our house, which kind of makes me think of Sunday night lunch from the Betsy-Tacy series, which I only reference because you seem like someone who would have read those books. If not, you need to go do so now!!!

  3. Wendy says:

    uh, as lazy as it sounds… we have a frozen pizza at least once a week. while we watch something pointless on our computer. and then we eat pizookies with ice cream. and it sounds lazy because it is. and we’re not ashamed.

    • hs87 says:

      that sounds awesome! We keep Totinos on hand because I love it… and yes, I realize that it is the least fancy frozen pizza on the planet. Don’t care– I love it. But what is a pizookie?

  4. Gillian says:

    We used to do Friday movie nights when I still lived at home – someone would make pizza from scratch (the entire family was capable, though it was usually Mum or my brother…) and then we’d have dinner in the basement where the tv lived and watch a movie. When the kids were younger we watched a family movie with dinner, then sent the young ones to bed and watch another one. Loved that tradition 🙂

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