Definitely Call Me Maybe

Confession: James and I can’t get enough of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” Before you judge, I want you to actually try to make it through one full listening without singing along. It is impossible. When we were on our honeymoon we had satellite radio in our rental car and I am not ashamed to admit that we would actually search for it to sing along. Yes. We maybe have some choreographed dance moves to match by this point.

Before you whip out your condescension fueled by love of some band that actually plays their instruments, hear me out. We have had about 10 years of bands who make real music. Grungy music came in, music where people don’t dance along, don’t perform – they just sing. And that’s great…. But sometimes I miss the shininess of  bubble gum pop (judge judge judge).

Enter Carly Rae.

So, to start your weekend off right, here are some doses of “Call Me Maybe.”  The original music video is pretty horrible so I propose:

I promise that by the time you finish these, you will wonder how you lived before this song. I guess you could say that before it came into your life you missed it so bad, you missed it so, so, bad.

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2 Responses to Definitely Call Me Maybe

  1. Becky Richards says:

    Or you could go Star Wars

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