We are thankful for baby Susie.

Today on the blog we have another precious baby, Susie. I knew Susie’s parents at college, and have followed from afar their extremely rough pregnancy (as in, Becky was so sick that she had IVs most of the time) and rejoiced in the birth of this sweet little girl.

How could you be anything but thankful when looking at this little one?

(Yes, I am kind of into the black and white baby photos at the moment. And yes, I am kind of into that font as well, and you are probably tired of it. But I am almost over it, and needing new exciting [free] fonts to download…suggestions?)

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4 Responses to We are thankful for baby Susie.

  1. If you are going to use that font, couldn’t you tighten up the kerning so it actually looks like handwriting?

  2. Emily Walsh says:

    Try dafont.com. We always used to use it in my graphics classes. I have a feeling you’ll want to download way more fonts than you’ll ever use, if you’re like me. šŸ™‚

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