PROCRASTINATION, Fall 2012 Edition.

Ways to put off doing work during the final weeks of the semester:

  1. Make soup.
  2. Put up Christmas tree.
  3. Instagram pictures of books spread out.
  4. Craft witty facebook statuses.
  5. Constantly try to get a better seat at the Capital Hill Starbucks, preferably one by the fire.
  6. Drink eggnog
  7. Do dishes… do laundry… clean house….
  8. Use housekeeping as a crutch for academic denial.
  9. Instagram pictures of clean house.
  10. Go to store for more eggnog.
  11. Bake things with new KitchenAid.
  12. Instagram baked goods.
  13. Marvel about the wonder that is eggnog… contemplate if it really has raw eggs in it… get slightly grossed out.
  14. Drown worries in more eggnog.
  15. Blog about tree, baking, soup, maybe even eggnog.
  16. Design Christmas cards.
  17. Decide that NOW is the time to add new fonts to font library, for said Christmas cards of course.
  18. Go Christmas shopping.
  19. Spend time reading articles about the things to come next semester that will shake the world, ie, the royal baby and the next season of Downton Abbey.
  20. Pine for a puppy. Plan on naming him Proust.
  21. Go running.
  22. Reorganize closet.
  23. Blog about studying for exams, in lieu of studying naturally.
  24. Consider changing topics for final papers.
  25. Help friends with their grad school applications.
  26. Make food.
  27. Instagram pictures of food.
  28. Do dishes again… oh wait…
  29. Catch up on the blogs of everyone I know (like this post that made me want to have kids just so I could make one wear that sweater, and this post because I have never laughed so hard at someone’s unemployment)… and people I don’t know.
  30. Look up random poems on line. Weep over poetic perfection.
  31. Bemoan addiction to Instagram.
  32. Blog about procrastination.

I am not opposed to growing this list further still. Do provide any further ways to waste my time. All manner of interesting articles/youtube clips/ blog posts/ new hobbies to try are welcome.

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8 Responses to PROCRASTINATION, Fall 2012 Edition.

  1. Amanda says:

    I support all of these. I’m especially insistent that you carry on with poetry searches, as you tend to send your findings to me. You are my sole connection to poetry, well, poetry more complex than Old King Cole. May the weight of that responsibility rest heavily on your shoulders.

    • Hannah says:

      Rest it does indeed. It is only fair that I pass it along to you, as you have been the source of every good book I have read in English for the past two years.

  2. abby hummel says:

    Also, Pinterest, the land of infinite craft projects and adorable (if not unreasonably) costumed children.

    • Hannah says:

      I do love those costumes, though I have to say that I have been abstaining from pinterest over the past couple months (the occasional recipe aside) and the results have been pretty gratifying.

      • Amanda says:

        No pinterest? I can only imagine what that would do for my self esteem, as pinterest makes me feel 28% inspired and 94% like a failure. That’s right, pinterest also inspires me to defy mathematics.

      • Hannah says:

        That’s kinda how I was feeling. I still use it to store recipes and will occasionally get on, but I just haven’t thought of doing it lately- kind of nice. However, I’m sure that if I has just had a baby I would be all over it feeling inspired/ like a failure.

      • abby hummel says:

        You are a stronger woman than I am! (I think it helps me feel like I’m really crafty to say “I could make this, and this, and this, but that one is too dumb and I know it wouldn’t work anyway” for 10 minutes when I’m too busy to actually do crafts. I’m on break now, though, so I’m going to get off the internet and KNIT!

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