Hey there 2013.

2013There are several things that generally take place on the First Blog Post of the New Year. I could give you my top moments from the past year, like say, that time I got married, or the time that I lost my mind over Pinterest on the internet, or that time that James lost his over Instagram, or that great trip to Canada, or even that time that I made that roasted veggie frittata so good that I made 12 of them in as many weeks.

Or, I could give you my hopes for the new year, a list of lofty ideas and deep reflections. I could dream of becoming a better person, loving more fully, giving back to the community, etc.

And I’m sure that I really do want to do all of those things, but I am in a junk food coma from our New Year’s Eve Pajama Spectacular last night, where the culinary theme was “favorite slumber-party food from childhood”  (read: pizza rolls and a PARTY COOKIE, not to mention queso dip that I wanted to bathe in) and I can’t think big right now.  Thus, despite my standard distaste of New Year’s Resolutions, I am feeling compelled to make a couple. Mind you, these are the little type of resolutions, the ones that involve minute changes to life, because I think those might be the only type I’m capable of.

  1. Throw out the socks with holes. Why do we all keep those socks with holes? (At least, I hope you do, otherwise I am alone with my Valley Forge footwear.) For Christmas, James and I all but begged for socks, and now I need to actually go that final step and throw out the old ones.
  2. Do my nails on a regular basis. I could probably count the number of times my nails have looked presentable on one nubby uneven-nailed hand. And no, I’m not a biter. I am however, a neglecter who just lets the nails break at will. It’s time for a fresh start.
  3. Attend some sort of workout class. Yes, I run. But I also have a free membership to the UMD gym and they have some pretty great classes. Once, I even attended one. Then I hurt my foot and called it quits. But it’s a new year, and I might even Zumba.
  4. Watch all the seasons of 30 Rock. Because they are on Netflix and I can, and I think it is important to foster a love for the things James loves.
  5. Restart healthy eating habits. The six-months before the wedding I got pretty healthy via a loose following of the Primal Diet. But then I got married and it was all “Pie for breakfast Darling?”  and “Cookies in bed with mugs of hot cocoa – extra whip-cream please!” and sooooo many delicious brunches at Ted’s Bulletin or late night shakes at Good Stuff. Because newlywed life is delicious…and maybe not always nutritionally balanced.  New year, new grocery list.
  6. Read the Brother’s Karamazov. Because it’s on my list every year, and every year I always think that this will be the year I finally read it.  I am Sisyphus and this is my boulder.

What about you – what are your resolutions (mundane or lofty) for 2013?

(That cool image at the top was snagged from Anna’s blog, which is one of those that is like a fresh breath of air in your day. She also has the cutest dog ever, and I like to blog stalk Darcy.)

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14 Responses to Hey there 2013.

  1. Rebekah says:

    Brothers K will probably be on my list till the day I die.

  2. Lawson Stone says:

    I will read Les Miserables and The Infinite Jest. Right.

  3. tina says:

    I’m going to read and/or listen to East of Eden because my son tells me it is an unfulfilled life without reading John Steinbeck. And… now that I’m so close I AM going to loose that last 10 pounds (i’ve been trying to loose it for over a decade but keep finding it and it’s friends!).

    • Hannah says:

      East of Eden is one of my favorites!!!! Excellent resolution. You could get it on an audiobook to help with the second one (though you look great!).

  4. Fran says:

    Yes, you need to watch every episode of 30 Rock right now. For two consecutive years I did not go back to work on January 2 without making sure I had a new tear-off calendar with 30 Rock quotes because I love it that much. I am currently still in mourning from a discussion Bryan had last night in which he confessed he does not really like watching marathons of television shows like I do.

    My immediate thought was, but WHO will watch the entire series of The West Wing with me now that it is on Netflix?

    Bryan and I were doing the paleo way for a while before the holidays happened and we just gave ourselves in to our desire for bread and sugar. But we are back in action and I am excited about it!

    These are great resolutions. I am with Tina – I’d like to finally read East of Eden as well!

    • Hannah says:

      James loves them, and I am basically always up for forming new TV addictions. I LOVE the binge. I recently blew through 3 seasons of Parenthood in about a month and a half. SO MUCH BETTER THAN DRAGGING IT OUT. Plus, I justify the tv watching by using that as time to do “housework.”

      Yes, I think I will climb back on the Paleo boat… but leave one foot hanging off into the sea of deliciuous carbs just for those times when you need a hamburger and it HAS to have a bun.

  5. Amanda says:

    I blame Liz Lemon for every unhealthy habit in my life. One day I looked up and realized I halfway through Season Two of Dance Moms: Liz Lemon’s fault.

    One resolution, among others, is to actually read all of those books I know well enough to discuss, but actually haven’t finished. In other words, eliminate literary hypocrisy from my life.

    • Hannah says:

      I think those are delightfully unhealthy habits. Might as well continue to cultivate them.

      But YES, you really have to read all those books, as you are my literary sensei.

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