Around this home… there are pillows you can’t sleep on.


 “How is it that we have 7 pillows on the bed and I can only sleep with one of them?”

 “Because 5 of them are decorative pillows.”

“All 5? Can’t I just use this big fluffy one?”

“No – that’s a sham.”

“What’s a sham?”

“It’s a pillow.”

“So… why can’t I sleep on it?”

“Because some pillows are for looking, not for sleeping.”


“Are you slowly doing our living room in the primary colors? And how come half the books are sideways?”

“Yes – and because it looks pretty.”


“I had to have this purse.”

“Oh really? Was it a brown leather one? Because yes, you do need one of those. Always good to have something different.”


I intended to share some pictures of our precious little apartment oh say, 5 months ago. But it is a work in progress (read: how can anyone afford to do things all at once?), one that will probably never end. It is also a little like an Ikea catalogue (yay small city living on a budget!) so you only need to see so much boring European furniture. So instead, here are a couple glances and sound bites from around this home… a place I love so very much.

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20 Responses to Around this home… there are pillows you can’t sleep on.

  1. Sharon says:

    HEY. Is the paint in your bedroom grey or does it just look grey in the pic? If it’s grey, I want to know what brand/shade it is!

    • Hannah says:

      It is gray! We looked at a million grays because it is hard to find one that isn’t blue and isn’t brown. This is Behr French silver from home depot- we looovvvvee it. And I should give credit to James because he actually picked it.

  2. Leslie says:

    Love your collection of purses. And you can never have enough cognac in your life.

  3. mary says:

    i absolutely love it! you did a great job of making the bedroom a peaceful space, but still fun and happy with that punch of color.

    • Hannah says:

      Thanks Mary! I am all about the gray.

      It was the only room we were able to paint, so a lot of thought went in to it. Also, there were very few curtains we could agree on, so after picking the gray walls and finding those curtains from target, we just kind of built the rest of the room around it.

  4. Phil Wegmann says:

    I look forward to sleeping on that couch during spring break…and the summer…and post graduation.

  5. Maria Servold says:

    Ryan and I have had the exact same pillow conversation before! I hope that makes James feel more…affirmed? Anyway, Ryan definitely does not understand the idea of a decorative pillow, or of why I need black flats that are different from my other black flats. Love the photos!

  6. E. Henry says:

    Your place is GORGEOUS. So artsy and homey. Very elegant, my dear.

  7. Liz says:

    Homère hates fake pillows. I told him he’ll have to get over it.

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  10. jacksonia says:

    Oh my gosh, this is my life. I could have written this blog post, husband responses, abundance of brown leather purses, IKEA catalog and all. 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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