Face-plant Monday.

Hi all, it’s Monday. Woke up to a bunch of ice and UMD has a delay… that ends just in time for the one class I have to teach so out into the cold I go. But I kind of feel like doing this:belle and sebastianEmmieRose_0008


The Monday morning face-plant.  Anyone else thinking WHERE DID THAT WEEKEND GO AND WHY DO WE HAVE TO WAIT FOREVER TO GET ANOTHER ONE? If that is your response, I have a special pep talk for you to watch… because you all are gooder than that.

Start your Monday with that dance. I guarantee that it will put you in a less face-planty mood…or at least cheer up everyone around you, should you decide to experiment with it in the work place.

Go be awesome.

*Pictures: Sebastian the Foster Kitty, Emmie Rose, cat from here.

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16 Responses to Face-plant Monday.

  1. Rebekah Rae says:

    Last night I learned about the possibility of freezing rain for my 15 min drive to work, and it’s all I could think of this morning, so I called and said I couldn’t come in. I hate driving in the snow. Now the forecast is changing and I probably could have gone. Instead I face planted, slightly shamelessly. Happy Monday!

  2. Kelly says:

    I ❤ You. So much. That is all.

  3. Leslie says:

    I didn’t have a delay either…Sad panda faces.
    Also, I watched Kid President yesterday. And laughed until I cried.

  4. Jaimi says:

    I found that video over the weekend, and I seriously watched it 3 times to get myself psyched up for my first Monday back at pharm school for the semester…because I want to take the path that leads to AWESOME. [this kid rocks my world]

  5. abby hummel says:

    YES THIS IS THE EXACT STORY OF MY MONDAY AND I LOVE YOU. Aaron basically spent his entire day saving my poor booty (reordering pizzas for my class science fair party for the 3rd time and arranging delivery after the website ate my order multiple times; spending an extra hour grading my kids’ projects and offering to come in and explain everything to them again; making me a latte when I got home) and I still feel like face planting.

    • Hannah says:

      That day TOTALLY deserves a face plant, and Aaron deserves some applause.

      And for the record, I HATE online ordering. But I sure do love you!

      • abby hummel says:

        What happened to the days of, “Hi, I need five large pizzas. What is your best deal? Okay, see you in an hour.” Now it’s all techno-wired. There’s no way to say, “Extra cheese, but not too much extra,” or “just a few mushrooms to appease my mom because none of the rest of us like them, also, extra parmesan on the breadsticks, please.” It’s just clicking buttons and selecting pan thicknesses. What is (fake) italian food without a soul?

      • Hannah says:

        Totally agreed…. the internet doesn’t let us be our difficult ordering selves!!! And now I’m craving pizza….at 9am… going to be a long day.

  6. Amanda says:

    I know your day was revived, at least in part, by the photo of THAT BABY.

    My Monday AND Tuesday were face plant days. Wednesday isn’t shaping up either. When is the weekend?

    • Hannah says:

      It is coming. MARAWEEKEND: weekend come quickly.

      And yes, she has the powers of revival. That little head. Cannot get enough. Tell her to stop growing till I get back.

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