Why I love DC: Batter Bowl Bakery

It seems like most people are a little ashamed to love DC. Politicians bash it, as affiliation with this city is seen as weakness, or being disconnected from the nation. The country views it as a place outside of reality, oblivious to concerns faced by the rest of the states. These things might be true, but it is also a city where lots of people go about their daily lives.

And I love it.

I feel like DC is the best kept secret of the big cities. Everyone gets excited about New York, Chicago, or LA. People only remember DC when they are planning educational trips for their eight graders or considering an internship. But DC is so much more than that, and has so much to recommend itself as a city.

Which is why I’ve decided to periodically share things that I love about this city. Places, restaurants, museums, parks, scenes, and activities – all the little things that have slowly won me over from my initial hatred of this city.

Today I wanted to share the Batter Bowl Bakery, which just opened a couple weeks ago on H Street NE (yes, there are cool things on the eastern side of this city, and no, you won’t die if you go there).batterbowlbakery

What it is: Tiny European style bakery with just enough American, meaning they serve huge breakfast sandwiches and give polite service.

Where it is: 403 H Street NE.

Why you should be excited: There are croissants are so flaky that I wanted to cry and there is  a NUTELLA TOWER, welcoming you like a beacon of chocolate.

If you are a fan of DC, feel free to share some of your favorite places below! If you aren’t a fan, come visit and I will convince you.

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11 Responses to Why I love DC: Batter Bowl Bakery

  1. Lawson Stone says:

    Favorite DC place…Chez Wegmann… Of course, I haven’t been there yet…

  2. Looks delicious!! Some of my favorites include Teaism (their sweet green tea and salty chocolate chip cookies), Farmers Fishers Bakers brunch (bruleed grapefruit), Lauriol Plaza (mariscos saltados and frozen margaritas), and FroZenYo- the best froyo chain with free hot fudge topping : ) I love this series idea, please continue so I have more ideas of where to go!!

    • Hannah says:

      Those all sound SO GOOD and I haven’t been to any of them!!!! MUST GET OUT MORE AND EAT. I am especially into those salty chocolate chip cookies, as nothing pleases me more than the right sweet and salty combo. I tend to focus on places bear Eastern Market as that’s where we live/walk around, but I am trying to push myself to go all over the city more because I love it soooo much!

  3. Danica says:

    It’s funny because growing up here my whole life, and having many friends who have done the same, I’ve never had the impression that DC was anything but amazing. I think we’re a little pretentious when it comes to it. Even our radio stations advertise as “coming to you from the most powerful city in the most powerful country in the world!” The outsider impresssion of the city is so different than a native’s. To me, DC is the whole world in one small place. I’m glad you’re loving it too!

    • Hannah says:

      Yeah, I think that DC kind of loves itself and just lets the rest of the country judge it because it KNOWS that it is the best ever. It took me awhile but now I am SO CONVINCED, and I will admit that the awesome restaurant scene had a lot to do with it. Now I just have to get down to Hank’s!

  4. Brooke Cook says:

    I love this and now I want to try this bakery. Although, I do slightly fear NE. I’m more of a NW girl myself.

  5. Amanda says:

    Why would anyone not drop everything and RUN to an establishment called Batter Bowl Bakery? What more could you want in a bakery? I mean really.

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