This is my winter song to you.

wintercollageI’ve decided that winter is over. Weather, let’s play along now.

When I think back on this winter, I think of our living room, and all the warm evenings there with old friends and new guests. I think of fresh snows and fresh cookies, of cold walks and [way too many] cups of hot chocolate. I think of game nights and date nights, breakfast in bed and dinner out on the town. I think of noble efforts to start a work out regimen and cookies eaten hot from the oven. These things are what compose my winter song.

(And I’ve also listened to the actual winter song about a million times this winter. See you next year best seasonal song ever!)

*From top: sunny kitchen/ weekly French grad dinner/ snowy dates with friends/ reverse charades/saturday ’round here/ ab ambitions/ cold walks with my love/ waking up to snowy steps/ continuing the search for best burger and shakes/ intial cookies/ hair tutorial/ winter sunset/ best winter legwear/ frozen fountains/ on of my favorite buildings/ dinner with our besties/ redhead night/ game night/ this is how we watch 24/ spinning/ Friday night thesis fun and my favorite socks.

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