When you really love someone, you have to take up the causes they think are important…

… which means I will be cheering alongside my Hoosier husband for Indiana University during March Madness.

Kentucky had our year last year and it was awesome and James donned his UK blue to join me in cheering… but this year he made the valid point that I could no longer root for them since they didn’t even make it in the tournament. Ouch.

Basketball had been on pretty much the whole weekend around this house. The plus side is that it distracts James from how my housekeeping crumbled over spring break. Plus, it offers me the entertainment of things like the following sequence of images, taken during the last several minutes of today’s IU-Temple game. marchmadness

Did you all fill out brackets? Who do you have going all the way?

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18 Responses to When you really love someone, you have to take up the causes they think are important…

  1. Susannah says:

    This is THE BEST.

  2. It’s a good thing Philip had only week college basketball loyalties before he met me, because the Risches have two non-negotiable holidays: Rischmas and March Madness. And we are KU people.

    • Hannah says:

      One of my life goals is to somehow experience Richmas. I always get super excited when the facebook album shows up with all the matching gifts and friendly faced animals. And I remember your enthusiasm when KU won in college. Now if only you would turn those letters around…

  3. Amy Grace Duncan says:

    Haha, these pictures are priceless!!! Love it! And my housekeeping has crumbled recently, too, in the name of tax season. Woops!

  4. bkjergaard says:

    Did I fill out brackets…I would never pass up a chance to smack talk. Although James has currently crept ahead. But I will win…

    • Hannah says:

      He keeps on giving me updates about where you rank. Mark was here too this weekend so it was pretty much bracket central in our living room. Keep that smack talk coming — it’s good for him.

  5. Jen says:

    Of course I did a bracket! Chris always makes a big family one with our extended family and we all smack talk over Easter dinner. 😉 Sorry about Kentucky. 😦 I want OSU to win but I’ve been burned too many times by my team. I think I have Louisville?

    Oh and the pictures of James are TOO funny!

  6. E. Henry says:


  7. Whitney says:

    Ha! Top left pic of James is a WINNER.

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