“For God to be a man, he must despair.”

Today is Good Friday, where we remember that God not only became flesh, but death.


“The night on Golgotha is so important in the history of man only because, in its shadow, the divinity abandoned its traditional privileges and drank to the last drop, despair included, the agony of death. This is the explanation of the Lama sabactani and the heartrending doubt of Christ in agony. The agony would have been mild if it had been alleviated by hopes of eternity. For God to be a man, he must despair.” – Albert Camus The Rebel


Next week I have my M.A. exams and I turn in my thesis (yay!) which means I have been sitting at the table working in my living room a lot over the past couple weeks. I’m writing on Albert Camus, and I keep on thinking about that quote above. Camus was a pretty hard-core atheist, but I think he still hits on a lot of truth. Camus is in the process of tearing Christianity and God apart, he can’t help but be moved by Christ and his despair as he writes of Christ crying out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me.” These are maybe the saddest words in the Bible, because they are the moment when our eternal hope  embraced despair and hopelessness.

So today let us remember Good Friday, a day which can only be called good in conjunction with Easter Sunday._MG_0106*Picture credit to Liz Essley.

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9 Responses to “For God to be a man, he must despair.”

  1. Kelly says:

    Can you start a Bible study, and may I be your first pupil? I need more of you in my life!

  2. Trisha Hayes says:

    Love this post…Love our Lord Jesus…Love the profound Truth that becomes more and more real with each breath I take…Love that those very dearest to me have hope and life for all of eternity because of such a Savior. On my way to worship Him tonight. This never gets old, never gets routine…How could a Love so Amazing ever be anything other than a breath of fresh and all consuming air with every telling. Good Friday…Holy Lord Jesus…Happy Easter, Sweet Hannah.

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  5. joannie6535 says:

    I love the lead-in quote – not the Camus one – but the first one about Jesus becoming death. Is that from you? Do you mind if I re-quote it on FB? I will try to share your blog but thought that line ought to be singled out. Is there someone else to give credit to or just use your name?

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