Humidity is Hair to stay.

Once upon a time, there was a time when my hair could look awesome on a regular basis. That time was called April, maybe you remember it here from mere weeks ago.

But now May is here.

Despite the fact that this May has been drizzly and unimpressive, it has ushered in just enough humidity to release my hair from all semblance of order or beauty. The frizzy mane is here till fall. Every year this happens, and every year I am equally unprepared and saddened. I usually continue in denial for a couple weeks, pretending that the way I style it in the morning will hold all day, and into the next day. It worked a couple weeks ago so it should work now…. right???


Thus, until October, it’s goodbye Beyoncé waves…. hello summer updos! Here are some of the ways that I hoping to wear my locks this summer, along with those maiden braids that I can’t stop wearing:db832d764b76cf7247b2c76980db0f2b 69565a10bc94d1037b16c79bfcbe5048 fc56ab72440ed15049b1f2adcd9cff77 8dd285674ea4de51a9cd17fa78fd63b1

 If I do leave it down, I will probably have to resort to this method to force those ringlets into place. Sigh.

On another note (can you tell that I just need a serious hair talk/intervention?), I am at that horrible stage that every woman knows well: shaggy bang stage. My bangs are pretty long right now, and by that I mean flopping all over my face like an unkempt puppy. But it also means that they are long enough to start thoughts of growing them out. Any thoughts? Are bangs in this season? HELP. I have a haircut scheduled in a couple weeks and some big decisions must be made…

How do you keep your hair looking great during the summer months? Give me all your updo/magic product secrets! Especially if you live in DC, because then you understand that looking awesome in an airconditionless swamp is tricky…

*Hair links via  my Pinterest.

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17 Responses to Humidity is Hair to stay.

  1. You have to show me the technique for those maiden braids! It kinda looks like a flipped version of a french braid….which is what I’m going to do today, because I can feel humidity is on the rise. Hate it. So. Much.

    Otherwise, I improvise with updos – with a TON of bobby pins. One new favorite that I learned a while ago: sock bun, which you probably already know.

  2. Natalie Amundson says:

    Hannah! I feel your pain on humidity and the damage it does to hair. I recommend growing your bangs out in the summer to avoid getting oily on your forehead (unless you have really dry skin — then you’d probably be ok). I also highly recommend Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray. It gives volume and doubles as a dry shampoo. Best. Purchase. Ever.

    PS LOVE all of those updos! 🙂

    • Natalie Amundson says:

      PPS Oribe also makes an anti-humidity spray that is AMAZING.

      • Hannah says:

        I have to get this magic Oribe stuff!!! Do I have to buy it somewhere special, or can I just get it at Target or something?

        See, I agree about the oily bangs… and then I see pictures of myself bangless and I get all weirded out. Must reflect.

      • Natalie Amundson says:

        Hannah, you can get Oribe online at Birchbox, or other retailers. It honestly changed my life. I freak out about going bangless as well. But, in the end, a freshly cut bang in October is a nice way to usher in fall… 🙂 GOOD LUCK!!!

  3. Ashley B. says:

    I have always wanted to request a hair tutorial (Hannah’s gorgeous hot rolled Kentucky curls anyone?) But was afraid it would be trite to ask. BUT NOW I’M ASKING! Help another humidity suffering southerner out!

    • Hannah says:

      In lieu of an in depth tutorial, here are steps to Curler Domination:
      1. Dirty hair (or at least washed and slept on.) that is unbrushed or lightly hand combed.
      2. Put curlers in rolling under from ends and roll them as high and tightly on the head as possible.
      3. Leave in 20-30 minutes.
      4. Remove, being careful not to upset the curl.
      6. Shake yo hair back and forth! (but not to hard).
      7. Spray again.

      I have also been doing the flat iron curl a lot lately, per my stylist’s suggestion.

  4. aghhh! I have such long, curly hair and this is my first summer in DC – I’m absolutely dreading the humidity! Thanks for the tips, I’m sure they will be so useful the next few months!

  5. Heidi says:

    I really like Nature’s Gate shampoo and conditioner (specifically the hemp conditioner). It’s not perfect, but I think it does a great job with the frizzes.

  6. Gretchen says:

    There’s not a lot of humidity in Central Oregon, but it does get fairly hot a few weeks out of the summer…so I just cut my hair off last August. Maybe a little more drastic of a solution than you are looking for, but it makes it so easy even in humidity! 😉

    • Hannah says:

      Picture! Picture! I want a picture! I suggested this solution to James and he was not pleased with it… but it does sound tempting!

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