Summer came, and we all drank lemonade.


Hey y’all, summer’s here.

You might protest that statement if you are a season purist, one who believes that summer starts on the official date of June 21st, but I am someone who knows that summer doesn’t always fit in neat calendar restrictions. Its arrival has less to do with dates and more to do with that indescribable  feeling that sweeps over us.

And this past week, summer came.

I got back to DC and found a city ready to get rolling with summer. The second half of the summer, I am teaching summer school, but this first half is deliciously lazy which lets me revel in summer. This means picking fresh flowers from the front patch of overgrown weeds yard for the table (thank you, Former Tenant), taking walks with James in the evenings, drinking lots of lemonade, and spending lots of time on the back porch. It means only changing into real clothes in time for James to get home and cheering at the Congressional Baseball Game. It means changing my radio dial definitively to the country station (because country is the official anthem of summer), watching shameful television,  and eating a lot of picnics. Summer is here, and it is awesome.

One of the many joys of academia is actually having a summer, and I don’t take it for granted. Go enjoy your big paychecks, Corporate America, I’ll just take my summer. I have a whole list of projects that I want to do this summer, everything from trying my hand at making ice cream to reading lots of books to finally finishing decorating our living room. But the biggest goal that James and I have for this summer is to explore all that summer in this city has to offer. The fall is shaping up to be a busy one and we don’t want to miss out on being carefree in this amazing city. I’ll be sharing lots of fun DC things this summer, so stay tuned for ways to spice up your next patriotic pilgrimage to our nation’s capital. And by that, we know I mean “great places to eat” because I have priorities, even in the summer.

The arrival of summer has also meant breaking out my summer staples. I thought about sharing a list of the things I was wanting for this summer, but I decided instead to share a couple of the ordinary things I already have and actually use during the summer. summernecessitiesNot pictured: The AC units that we have going full speed because DC refuses to admit that they are far enough south that central air should be a given and the hard core deodorant that I have to reapply all day because, you know, the Founding Fathers built our capital in a steamy swamp. 

  1. Mary Kay Translucent Powder: I hate wearing makeup in the summer. I hate how the sweat and the makeup mix into a sort of yucky paste that makes me feel like I am just wiping grease around on my face. But sometimes going out totally barefaced in this city is unacceptable, even in situations that the rest of the country might forgive. This powder is the answer. I got it as a free sample, but I am going to have to actually buy some because I love it. You get that nice smooth makeup finish without actually putting much on your face and it doesn’t get all streaky in the sweaty metro.
  2. J.Crew Factory Ribber Tank: This is my summer uniform. I have at least 5 in all different colors and if you see me this summer, the chances are good that I will be wearing one. Originality is so overrated. They are so long with just the perfect amount of stretch and pretty cheap too.
  3. Insulated Picnic Basket: Someone gave this to us as a non-registry wedding gift and we couldn’t be more thankful. It is the perfect picnic basket, including all the dishes needed and an insulated compartment for food. Plus, it looks adorable, which is pretty important on my list.
  4. Old Navy Everyday Khaki Shorts: I hate shorts. I mean, I love wearing them, but I hate how unflattering they are as a general rule, how they bunch up after you sit down, and how finding the perfect length is just about impossible. And then I found this pair and bought it in several colors.
  5. Really Good Summer Book: Summer books are different than school year books, at least for me. During the year, I read depressing French lit that is thought provoking and challenging. During the summer, I want memoirs of surmounted obstacles, best-sellers, and whatever the latest teen fiction is. I started the summer with The Night Circus  and it was everything I wanted in a summer book. Any other summer book suggestions?
  6. Crystal Light Liquid: My mom always kept Crystal Light pink lemonade on hand and it is one of the tastes I associate with summer. However, I really hate cleaning pitchers. But with this, James and I can just make individual, customized glasses of Crystal Light. Around our home, we aspire to the height of elegance.

What are some of your summer necessities? What are your summer plans? Any projects that you want to get done? Any fun trips? If not, take a mini trip by scrolling through this list of summer pictures from around the world. Share below!

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11 Responses to Summer came, and we all drank lemonade.

  1. We need to discuss The Night Circus!

  2. Sharon says:

    Summer Books:
    ABOVE ALL THINGS by Tanis Rideout (about man who climbed Everest and his wife who stayed at home. Read when it’s too hot to move because it will make you coooolllllld)
    A LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS by M.L. Stedman (about a lighthouse keeper and his wife in isolated Australia, and a mysterious baby)
    A RELIABLE WIFE by Robert Goodrick (don’t worry, nothing Proverbs 31-y)
    THE YONAHLOSSEE RIDING CAMP FOR GIRLS (You will love it because it’s horses and it might even be Kentucky. Plus, you know, mystery and adolescent girls)

    • Sharon says:

      BTW these are all novels with great writing + rollicking story-telling. No stupid learning to get in the way of vicarious adventure and/or crying about the lives of fake people.

      • Hannah says:

        I want to read ALL OF THEM. I think that me and some old Barnes and Noble cards I have floating around in my purse are going to have to get on this.

  3. Sharon says:

    Also I am OBSESSED with Crystal Light pink lemonade so far this summer. I enjoy drinking it out of a wine glass so as to feel elegant and sophisticated. And if you keep making a new pitcher, a quick rinse will suffice each time. Or so I tell myself…

    • Hannah says:

      I ONLY take my CL in a wine glass. Duh. There is no other way to indulge. You should probably come to DC and drink it snootily with me on the back porch, which we will hitherto call a veranda.

  4. Heidi says:

    Let me know if you need a consultant…*wink*…(though you probably already know hundreds…)

    • Hannah says:

      I may know of hundreds, but I am pretty loyal to the one who has been trying to teach me to do makeup since I was in 6th grade and is only now making progress… : )

      • Heidi says:

        🙂 Just checking…my job and all that, you know. But you do make me want to try the translucent powder…I haven’t yet and it sounds like a better plan than foundation for the summer time.

      • Hannah says:

        You have to try it! I think it’s actually intended to wear over other makeup, but I am loving it by itself.

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