Oh hey, this happened a couple months ago. graduation_3graduation_2

And I have henceforth been signing things as “Hannah, Master Of French And All Some Of Its Books, Specifically The Depressing Angsty Ones.”

But I could only share it with you today because I didn’t actually go to the graduation or buy the fancy robes. I’ll just hold out for the one in four more years. Yesterday I spent the day with a friend from school who did go and she let me put on her robes and take this official picture. I also can only show you this half portrait, because I am about 8 inches taller than she is, so those pictured joined the ranks of many others where my clothes were too short. But at least now my children know someday that I got my MA, and more importantly that I, for however fleeting a moment, got to look kind of like a Gryffindor.T2FYdOXndbXXXXXXXX_112739829

Which puts me in a club reserved for the most valiant of all souls. Don’t even try telling me that they don’t really exist: I just got a degree in books, which means I think characters have all the weight of reality.  It also puts me one fraction of a degree closer to Princess Kate, a fact that has me glowing and declaring that I too will someday wear heels for an entire pregnancy. 167531295 ap_royals_harry_potter_dm_130426_wblog

Let’s be real — I can’t even wear heels through a whole work day without wincing. But I’ll just keep dreaming, because I am Hannah, Master Of French And All Some Of Its Books, Specifically The Depressing Angsty Ones. Who is to say that I won’t be able to handle longterm heel wearing in another couple years?

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17 Responses to Mastery.

  1. Nikki says:

    Congratulations! Also, keep going for those of us that are too scared! After procrastinating on my Masters thesis to the point of almost flunking it, I refused to consider a PhD, so I appreciate the struggle of anyone doing it. Also, I sort of regret not taking a fifth year in undergrad and adding a French major. That combined with my lit heavy general education makes me want to know which depressing angsty books, do tell!

    • Hannah says:

      I am still in denial that I am actually going to have to write the thesis, but hopefully it will seem less daunting when the time comes! My favorite are the classic 20th century depressing ones, Camus, Sartre, a little Mauriac. I am also super in to the big 19th century classic novels at the moment. And Proust… always Proust.

  2. Congratulations, Hannah! I have to admit I was pretty pleased when I saw those pictures of Kate Middleton awhile ago. It was nice to know that some “real” adults (I still don’t really feel like one) can geek out about Harry Potter 😉 Oh, and you will totally pull off heels during pregnancy someday. The closest I got to practical shoes while I was pregnant was a new pair of boots, primarily because the only ones I had were 2 1/2+ heels and I really didn’t want to test my balance that much. Besides, one always needs more boots 😉

    • Hannah says:

      Isn’t she just the classiest??? I love those books so much! You should probably start reading them to your little one now, just to train her up in the way she should grow.

      And yes, always yes to more boots.

  3. Heidi says:

    Congratulations! Props for looking good enough on an average day for an “official” portrait. And for wearing heels. I gave up about halfway through pregnancy and refuse to consider anything but low wedges.
    So, bit of news here, with Alex’s new job I can get my masters for free. So I’ll soon be writing to you with all sorts of complaints about how hard it is.

    • Hannah says:

      Ok, full disclosure: I mostly did my hair that day with the plan of asking to borrow my friend’s gown and snap those shots.

      And yay for free degrees!!!

  4. Cecelia says:

    Congratulations on your MA! It takes a lot of work, and maybe someday, when I find the right field that I want to get my masters in, I too will get to wear “the robe” … I am actually waiting for the Masters in Basket Weaving to show up in my radar, because I am a fan of education for education’s sake…that is, I am a life long learner! Again, Congrats!

  5. Cara says:

    Wore these heels literally every day through an entire pregnancy and was more comfortable than I have ever been. Before, Dansko only made nursing clogs, but they now have some beautiful dress shoes. Plus the bottoms are made of wood like real Dutch shoes.

  6. Heels are over-rated. Also, I’ll be honest and think they look unnatural. Winners wear flats.

  7. But Gryffindors are definitely real.

    I know because I AM ONE.

    • Hannah says:

      They totally are. Sometimes I have actual, real life stress sessions about if I would have been one at Hogwarts. Then I console myself with what Harry said at the end of the last book, about great people coming from all the houses.

  8. Rissa says:

    Congratulations! I get so thrilled every time I see someone mention the Hogwarty-ness of graduation gowns… because that’s exactly how I felt!!! Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment 🙂 (And the Gryffindor dreams!)

  9. Amanda says:

    Listen, some little so-and-so is going to come along and mock you for comparing your MA graduation robes to Harry’s school uniform. DO NOT LISTEN TO SAID SO-AND-SO. We have to channel Harry however we can. Just remember, I stand in solidarity with you in binding together our world and the world of Hogwarts.

    Also, your hair rocks, as usual. YOU LOOK LIKE A WEASLEY.

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