a shower for les Over the next month we will be doing a lot of celebrating. A couple weddings, a couple showers, and couple awesome visitors mean that fall will be starting out with great fanfare, pomp, and not a whole lot of sleep. Of course, you all know how much I love weddings and parties, so I am willing to trade some nights of less sleep (and weekends of a lot less schoolwork…) for celebrating marriage with some of our dear friends. 

This past week I helped throw a bridal shower for my friend Les. She has an army of awesome bridesmaids, which made throwing this shower especially fun because I didn’t have to lift a finger to help make any food, and could instead show up with games and stuff my face on everyone else’s hard work. Les'shower2After the shower part of the evening, those who could stick around changed into some fancies to head out on the town and celebrate our bachelorette! Remember back when when I was dying for a sequin miniskirt? Well, that was a disaster. Any sequin miniskirt on my almost six-foot self was a bad idea. A very bad idea. But, when I went to the magical J.Crew warehouse sale (sidenote: it closed. I’m so sorry.) and found a sequined shift dress — the perfect meeting ground of casual/ comfy and disco ball awesome. 
Lesandfriends This group of ladies. They’re just the most fun. Of course, I am basically old, which means that staying out late still has me tired several days later and my knees hurt. Still worth it. Lesandfriends2Congratulations Les! Can’t wait to celebrate at your wedding in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS!! (And I promise that before then I will dry-clean my dress since I already cheated and wore it a couple times and buy my shoes.) 

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