These are my people.

This past weekend, in a totally random perfect alignment of everything, we had a mini family reunion in city. My people came to town. My aunt and uncle took the train up from texas to meet their children and grandchildren down from New York, my cousin came up from Georgia to celebrate her graduation from medical school, and we convinced Zach to come up from Charlottesville, totaling in almost half of my mother’s side of the family being in town. I haven’t seen these a lot of these people since my own wedding, and even then I missed a lot of the awesome family time because I was distracted getting married. Having them in town, getting to catch up, and letting them get to know James made me so happy. Here are a couple snapshots from the weekend.Spring-150// My life over the past couple years has been a never-ending saga of getting bangs and then growing them out. I just can’t decide how I feel about them, which leads to this, the state of perpetual shaggy bang that I hate, but can’t seem to shake. //Spring-149Spring-151 //Donuts are taken very seriously in this family. //Spring-152 Spring-153 //My boys, minus Zach who got suckered into carrying the camera and taking pictures. Having my grown-up baby brother in town never ceases to make my day, and convincing big brother to come up makes it all the better. They just grew into such good ones and I love how they welcomed James into our family.//Spring-159// THE DOCTOR IS IN! I said that probably nine hundred times last weekend. My cousin Juliana has been talking about being a doctor since we were 5 and I am so proud of her. The full force of her medical degree came into use while entertaining the younger cousins through a long family dinner at Founding Farmers. //fountain// These cuties, my little second-cousins, turning a public fountain into a splash pad.//Spring-165Spring-164The wonderful thing about being my family is that they are my people, and we understand each other. We can complain about all the things about our clan that drive us crazy, while still recognizing all the things they gave us of value. I wish I had more pictures from this weekend to show you all these precious faces and momenbs. These are my people, and I love them.

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4 Responses to These are my people.

  1. E. Henry says:

    It’s funny because before I read the caption below the picture of you, I thought, “Gee, she looks so cute. I can’t wait until my hair can look like that” (been in the seemingly neverending process of growing mine out for the past two years). I couldn’t help but smile when I read your comment about the bangs. You look darling with or without them. You are a lucky girl because you can pull it off both ways!

  2. besuess says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your honest, quirky, humorous, insightful and open thoughts on life. I truly appreciate this little corner of the Internet. (On a separate note: please tell me where you got that black and white striped/group printed top you’re wearing! Lovely.)

    • Hannah says:

      Ah, thank you! I wish the shirt was from some trendy obscure store or thrift shop so that I could look cool…. but it is actually just the Ann Taylor clearance rack. : )

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