Summer2014-130 James came to town for a visit right after I got back from Paris and we celebrated his birthday over the weekend with the type of party that he wanted: no gifts, no decorations, no fuss, small guest list. Just some burgers, strawberry cake, vanilla ice cream, and a small group of friends. On Sunday we celebrated his actual birthday with a baseball game, just the two of us.

Because some years, you want to do crazy birthday adventures. But other years, you just want to stay close to home and end the day in your pjs watching TV on the couch. Together.

Having him back in this city, back in our home, is the best gift.

I’m pretty crazy about this guy.

And fiercely proud of all that he has done with his life in all the years leading up to now and I know that this year will be no different.

Happy Birthday husband, you’re the best. Summer2014-131

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2 Responses to Celebrating.

  1. Laura says:

    Happy birthday James!

  2. Jackie says:

    Happy birthday! Glad you guys got to spend it together!

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