From Thanksgiving.

Though it was hard to take photos of our Thanksgiving because I tried to have either a baby or pie in my hands at all times, here are some glimpses of our time in Indiana with James’ side of the family. Fall2014-187 Fall2014-188Fall2014-193 Thanksgiving//Reunited with my amazing sister-in-law! Love this woman, this MOTHER, and I am extra thankful for her this year. About a month ago, as in, when she still had a newborn in her arms, doctors discovered an almost plum-sized tumor in her leg. The surgery left her on crutches for a couple weeks and then we waited for two weeks while they ran tests. Finally, despite medical odds, the tumor came back benign and we all hugged each other extra tightly this year knowing what could have been.//Fall2014-195 Thanksgiving2Fall2014-197// At the Gingerbread Festival, wherein my youngest brother-in-law took home a prize. Unfortunately, my photos turned out blurry, so you will just have to trust me on the greatness of his gingerbread house. //Fall2014-203 Fall2014-205 Fall2014-206 Fall2014-207 //Let’s be real: baby William was the star of the entire week. We spent a lot of time like this, just marveling at his chubby thighs and big smiles. A lot of time was also spent cheering him through tummy-time and watching his little self struggle through turning over. BABIES plus HOLIDAYS equals BEST EVER.//Fall2014-208 Fall2014-209 Fall2014-210 Thanksgiving3// Not too far from where James grew up, there is a little town called Harlan, Indiana. There is nothing in Harlan. Nothing, that is, except the world’s best donut shop. At the Harlan bakery you will not find donuts topped with bacon and carmelized whatever, you will not munch on $4 creme brulée donuts, you will not come away with artisan pastry creations. As you know, I love donuts, but I am scared they are quickly going the way of the cupcake: over-priced, overworked, and under-tasty. At Harlan, these donuts are what they should be: simple, huge, cheap, and delicious. I look forward to my pilgrimage every visit, dragging anyone who will come on my donut train and overwhelming the poor Harlan Donuts employee with my enthusiasm. Y’all, that entire box of fresh donuts below cost me $8. //Fall2014-214fall2014-220 Fall2014-227 Fall2014-229// There is nothing I love more than family stories. James jokes that my family could spend a weekend together, do one thing Friday night, and then spend the rest of the weekend reliving it and think it was a perfect weekend. He is absolutely right. I just feel like family stories do more than anything else to weave us together, to make us understand the experiences that are sown into our lives and our beings. Late one night we got James’ dad on a role telling us stories from a motorcycle trip he did all across country when he was younger. He spent over a year traveling on his bike and living on the road, and hearing about those adventures was one of the highlights of our time in Indiana. //Fall2014-231 Fall2014-232//Just what is the point of having the whole family together if we can’t force everyone into coordinating clothes and make them stand around in the cold for family photos? I mean, that’s what my side of the family does every year, dragging it out into an hour+ affair where we are all deeply annoyed by the end (see here, here, and here). While James’ family is less photo obsessed, we do have a bigger family than the last time we were all together, and that demands a photoshoot. Thus, we put on our best lumberjack-inspired wear and trekked out into the cold and mud for some pictures. In a true Thanksgiving miracle, we actually managed to get two were everyone was looking at the camera and smiling.//Fall2014-236 Fall2014-251//I’m so thankful to be a part of this tribe, and most thankful of all for the man who made me a part of it, who drove almost all of both legs of the lonnnggggg drive from DC, who let me stop for bathroom breaks nine million times, and who patiently stood in the cold long before everyone else so that I could get the tripod and camera settings just right. He’s a keeper.//Fall2014-243

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11 Responses to From Thanksgiving.

  1. tina pugel says:

    love, love, love!! can’t wait to see you Christmas Eve!!

  2. streckerme says:

    this is the best. highlights include God’s graciousness to laura (amen!!), and the fact that baby william is like… cute. i mean like beautiful, like SO SO adorable. if that even makes sense. all babies possess a certain amount of adorable, but this baby… he’s got enough for 10 babies. also, that picture of david and laura kissing william… perfection. love seeing your family adventures through your lens (literally and figuratively!).

  3. Stephanie says:

    My little guy is starting to roll and it’s the cutest thing ever! Sounds like a wonderful holiday spent with family! Great photos!

  4. Nina says:

    I just adore your pictures… over and over again! You have such a talent!

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