5 things I love today.

662a8a709ddb2d58c54e4cb7f7233bebAs of today, vacation is over. After holidays spent building big fires and reading books in bed, it is over. Technically it was over a week ago, but I stayed in Kentucky for another week because there is nothing I love like eating all the food from my parents’ fridge. Today I am headed back to DC and the piles of responsibility that I shirked for the past three weeks. Good times. To distract myself from the unquenchable “excitement” I feel about buckling down and working starting tomorrow, I’m trying to focus on some of the things I’ve been loving lately. You know the drill.

  1. This blanket scarf. Ok, blanket scarves in general because it is stab-a-tauntaun-and-climb-inside cold this week and having an entire blanket around your neck is just delightful. I got one similar to this for Christmas and as I was wrapping it on for the first time, James sighed and declared, “And that was the last time I ever saw her neck.” He’s basically right.
  2. Adults acting out Bible stories as told by children. Promise you will at least watch until they sing “Let it go” and then describe the type of water you are given in prison.
  3. These weekly Friday news roundups. Y’all know that there is nothing I love like a good blog started by a former Bachelor(ette) contestant, even if I am sad that her love didn’t last. I discovered Andi’s blog this week, and in true form, it is not all fluff. Not only did she rank the coolest women of 2014, but she also posts 5 important news events from the weeks on Fridays. I recently had dinner with my cousin, who just started her medical residency. She confessed that as a resident she has so little time to watch the news that she basically only knows what happens if it is on in a patient’s room or if I mention it in my blog. (Juliana, if you are reading, stop and click over to this link so you can get you some news! Love you. Go back to shoving tubes into people’s intestine.) While you are busy questioning my intelligence because of my aforementioned love of this franchise, I love that the Bach is back! And with it, I am pumped for Sharleen’s recaps, Andi’s recaps’ (YES), and Des’ bracket. My Bach Bunch will be watching it on Sundays so no spoilers!
  4. This video of Bao-Bao’s first snow day. Because this is totally how I felt after eating way too much dessert over the holidays and then facing .05 inches of snow one morning this week. Just keep rolling.
  5. In light of the atrocities committed in Paris this week, I keep on coming back to this poem. I read it for the first time when I was studying abroad in Paris and it has stayed with me through the years. I had my seniors memorize it when I taught high school and this week reminds us that it is as important and fitting today as when it was originally written. (English translation here.)

Ok, your turn. I feel like Friday is a good day of the week for some audience participation. What are some of the silver linings in your life these days?

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6 Responses to 5 things I love today.

  1. beckydancer says:

    I love the newness of the new year! I know I can “start over” at any time, and I don’t generally make resolutions, but I just love the way it FEELS. I am rejuvenated and excited to try fun things in 2015.

  2. I love that its my birthday today and ive published a new book this week and ive spent the past few days with family-all the kiddos. God is great.

  3. Grace says:

    There is just so much time I spend complaining rather than noticing the small things to be joyful about… which is why this is just a great reminder. I love:
    -Reuniting with kindred spirits after a long break between semesters.
    -Electric blankets. I mean. Genius.
    -Light rain that lulls me to sleep. As much as I hate walking to class in the rain, it’s just so comforting and peaceful.

    • Hannah says:

      Those are all such wonderful things!!! Except I have a deep fear of electric blankets. In theory, I know I would love them. But in reality, I’m like WHAT IF IT BAKES ME WHILE I SLEEP. Obviously, logic is my strong suit.

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