What gets me through.

Today we had a snowstorm of the variety where everyone started cancelling things the night before in a full-on we-are-not-as-brave-as-Boston panic. It’s been snowing all morning, but maybe not enough for the fear that gripped this city. In case you don’t have a calendar handy, let me remind you that we are nearing the end of the first week of March. And while I jump in the drifts to make snow angels with the best of them, I feel bothered by how winter both starts and ends later every year. My solution? Get the whole world to just agree to let August last about three weeks longer one year. Then, September would feel a little more in line with seasonal Starbucks beverages, December would be more frequently blanketed in white, and the snow would stay where it belongs in February. Please join me in writing strongly worded letters of suggestion to congressional representatives, letters that will be briefly skimmed by a weary intern and/or liberal arts graduate before hitting the trash — BUT STILL. We would have done our best.

Anyway, in an effort to both will some karma on spring’s (impending? maybe?) arrival, I’m rounding up some of my winter favs before shoving them back in the depths of the closet for next year. Yes, this post would perhaps make more sense in the middle of winter… unless you are like me and this is the time of year where you buy most of your winter stuff because, hello sales! All these things together make me enjoy winter, make me love tromping through the snow, make me excited to curl up inside on those cold nights, and make me appreciate the things the winter months bring. They not only get me through, they help me love it.Winter essentials

  • This coat. Ok, so a disclaimer. I never want this to be one of those blogs you stop reading because it pushes too many pricey things on you. This coat is one of those, so please know that yes, I did find it on a crazy sale, and yes, I did still have to sell half my plasma for it, and YES IT IS WORTH IT. I’m going on my fourth happy and warm winter in this bad boy and I cannot sing enough praises. Long enough to keep my tush warm! Removable rain shell that I wear in spring and fall too! Doesn’t make you a shapeless winter blob!
  • These boots. Or really, any waterproof slip-on boot. Yes, I know that some of you (Boston, I’m looking at you) have a whole variety of intense lace-up winter boots that strike fear into my heart. But there is nothing I hate like having to spend ten minutes getting my snow-caked boots off while they drip all over my floor. While these might not be quite as warm, they are the perfect commuter boot, running errands boot, dashing out in pjs to the car because you can’t find your phone boot.
  • Winter citrus. I’m over here giving nature the slow clap for producing some of the best citrus ever during the bleakest months. It’s like summer in your mouth. I’ve been crushing on these pictures of roasted winter citrus lately.
  • These candles. Those of you with fireplaces, I envy you. Hard. But for us city folk in little apartments, these candles are a close second. They give you that authentic fireplace pop and flicker enough so that if you closed your eyes halfway and squinted… it is like a fireplace. If you were 12 inches tall.
  • A good scarf. I love my blanket scarves, but I also burrow down in my thick knit cowl scarf from Gap a couple years back (similar). It allows me to duck inside and ward off any and all winter winds that dare approach me neck.
  • Thick tights in allllllll the colors. Winter is gray, but our legs need not be! I still like to wear dresses and skirts during these cold months and tights make all the difference. Plus, what doesn’t go with bright red legs?
  • My Fitbit. It is entirely possible that I would never leave my apartment some days if it weren’t for my Fitbit. I only teach and go to campus three days a week. The other days I am tucked away on my couch, chugging along on my comp exam reading list. Not only do I not need to move, I actually need to stay put to study. But then I get to the end of the day and feel like Jabba the Hut. Thanks to the not-so-gentle tyranny of my Fitbit, I find myself heading outside even on the nastiest days to trudge through all my steps. It has made all the difference in winter being a time of developing better health over my usual habit of turning into a sloth.
  • Tea and lotion. Obviously not together. But both of these are things I consume semi-constantly to plow through these cold months. My favorite teas are this one and this one, and along with the generic lotion I keep at home, I have a tube of Crabtree and Evelyn that I ration out at my office.
  • Good shows to watch, books to read, and games to play. Unlike in summer, where you are all pressured to get out and enjoy the world, winter lets you gather the ones you love close and stay in. James and I have been ending lots of evenings with an episode of Brooklyn 99 or Parks and Rec, and we’ve been enjoying many game nights with friends around our aforementioned fireplace candle. Along with the games mentioned here, we’ve been loving this one.

What were (or are… if you are currently having a delightful March snow day) your winter essentials?

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11 Responses to What gets me through.

  1. Jennette says:

    Yes To Crabtree and evelyn lotion. My mother in law gave me a set of small lotions in avariety of scents and they are lovely. I am so ready for spring. Next weekend I am starting tomato seeds inside and am going to plan out some garden boxes. I spent one snowy Saturday reading The Bell Jar, and have been doing a little knitting since winter feels like it will last a while longer and I’very promised to knit a hat for a friend’s little one. Stay warm, and thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hannah says:

      I loooovvvveeeeee The Bell Jar!!! I know it might be slightly creepy to have that strong a reaction about such a disturbing book, but it was so good. I think about certain passages all the time.

      • Jennette says:

        I actually have been wanting to read it since you quoted the section about the fig tree. I found a copy at a thrift store for 50 cents and couldn’t put it down.

  2. ashleykiker says:

    Being from Texas, I’ve never seen ‘winter citrus’ like this before. Seeing as it is uncommonly cold here today I want to rush home and make this.

  3. wifiemmott says:

    I have a question… What is a FitBit? Maybe the translation got lost across the pond to these little British Isles, but I have never heard of one.

    • Hannah says:

      It is a magical tiny thing that rules my life. : ) It is a pedometer that has a corresponding app, so it tracks your steps, calories burned, stairs climbed, etc. The average American takes wayyyyyyy fewer steps every day than they need to live an active and healthy life and this helps challenge that. It helped me realize that the little things (parking in the farthest lot at work, always taking the stairs over the elevator, making time for a walk every day) actually make a huge difference in how I feel at the end of the day. The original fitbit is a bracelet deal, but I have the tiny clip-on one I can hide in a pocket or waistband of my skirt.

  4. wifiemmott says:

    Thanks, that clears up the mystery and sounds fab. Glad it has been such a blessing to you and encouraged you to be healthier. I think perhaps I need one! 🙂

  5. My treadmill 🙂 I did a few winter runs, but when it’s -20 I don’t have the guts (unlike some crazies). If not for a treadmill and a great playlist, all the winter comfort food would have stuck.

  6. Ashley says:

    “we-are-not-as-brave-as-Boston panic” – hahaha SO TRUE. This is why I read your blog. 🙂

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